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Creation “science” doesn’t work – the witness of a YEC geophysicist

We have previously made the point that geology proves literal creationists (especially young earth types) are incorrect AND that Noah’s flood was not global.  The science is used every day to extract billions of dollars of fossil fuels.  Creation science is useless in industry – as it doesn’t match the facts.  Below is the story of a once high profile Young Earth Creationist whose work in the oil industry changed everything (bonus points for the reference to bro Alan Hayward’s book at the end). Continue reading


How did everything survive a global flood?

flood and ancient artefacts

A literal reading which accepts a global flood cannot account for the facts.  Around the world there are an incredible number of man-made structures which predate the flood – including many of the Pyramids.  Rock paintings around the world were not washed away.  The ceremonial burrows of Stonehenge and Avenbury remained.  There are even three trees which are know to have pre dated the flood.  The physical evidence is dwarfed by the DNA evidence (being the diversity everywhere).  The global flood is a simple example of where a literal interpretation is unsustainable.

Noah’s ark makes creationists evolutionists

noahsark full

Creationists are pretty fixed on some things.  God definitely did not use evolution to create.  There are missing links which disprove evolution.  Noah’s flood was literal and worldwide.  Any science disproving their claims is an atheist conspiracy to undermine Biblical truth.  Then when they start trying to explain the details of how stuff then works the contradictions begin to pile up incredibly fast.  They even become hyper evolutionists. Continue reading

Stonehenge – monument to ancient man

Stonehenge is one of the best known ancient sites in Britain.  The remains of significant construction at what is now the bluestone henge on Salisbury plain date back to around 3,000 BC.  Prior to the existing stones, archaeologists have found evidence of older circular structures as well as the remains of people buried at the site.  Some of the human activity in the site date back as far as 8,000 BC.  Fascinatingly, chemical analysis proves the cremated remains of non-locals were carried in leather bags to the site and interred.  The Stonehenge (past and present) doesn’t reconcile with either a global flood or the literalist creation 6,000 years ago. Continue reading

Noah’s local flood – common early teaching

Before the 1960’s, the Christadelphian community accepted a variety of views on Noah’s flood.  Robert Roberts famously explained he thought it was local (but killed all humans) based on observable science.  Similar views were held by others.  The below article which sets out that the Flood was local and didn’t impact people in Africa (Testimony Magazine 1934).  Claims of a global flood being the only acceptable Christadelphian position are modern novelties. Continue reading

Flood geologists struggle with geology

Flood geology is the endeavour by Christians to try and explain geology through the prism of Noah’s global flood.  Unfortunately over the last 50 years of this pursuit, these geologists (of sorts) have continually disproven the global flood they seek to establish.  Most damning of all is what should be the copious evidence for the greatest disaster and death event ever.  Leaving that aside, these motivated flood geologists have continually disagreed with each other and demonstrated the impossibility of reconciling a worldwide inundation with the geological record. Continue reading