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Stonehenge – monument to ancient man

Stonehenge is one of the best known ancient sites in Britain.  The remains of significant construction at what is now the bluestone henge on Salisbury plain date back to around 3,000 BC.  Prior to the existing stones, archaeologists have found evidence of older circular structures as well as the remains of people buried at the site.  Some of the human activity in the site date back as far as 8,000 BC.  Fascinatingly, chemical analysis proves the cremated remains of non-locals were carried in leather bags to the site and interred.  The Stonehenge (past and present) doesn’t reconcile with either a global flood or the literalist creation 6,000 years ago. Continue reading


DNA and Adam

Young man in denial is caught out by paternity test; argues that the scientists are mistaken, that conception was a special act of God, and that physical similarities are merely the result of common design.

Sorry…not very convincing.

Don’t be a fool. Don’t deny the genetic evidence. Face the facts. We were wrong about evolution, we were wrong about Adam. Admit the truth and move on.

humanoids and evolutionary creation

High profile creationists decry evolutionary creationists/theistic evolution using their powers of exposition, logic and rhetoric.  But the same creationists don’t even understand basic words.  How they remain credible is incredible.

Archaeology shows Genesis 1-3 does not mean what you think

Does the claim ‘archaeology prove the bible true’ have merit?  Well yes and no.  Why the equivocation?  Because often those who make the claim ‘archaeology proves the bible true’ fail to distinguish between their understanding of the bible and what the bible says.  They might as well say ‘archaeology proves my understanding is true’.  Archaeology categorically undermines the creationist claims about the bible.  The writers of this blog don’t question the inspiration of the bible.  But we certainly reject the exaltation of one reading of the bible to be as certain as scripture itself. Continue reading

Genetics disproves literal creationists

Literalists deny evolutionary science is a thing.  They don’t realise there is far more than this one branch of science stacked against them.  Genetics is not as simple as peas in a pod, but even a basic understanding rules out Adam and Eve as the universal ancestors.  It’s all to do with gene variations (called alleles), which we get at most two copies of one from Mum and one from Dad (sometimes the two are the same).  Dennis Venema has provided a readily accessible explanation of why genetic variation cannot work with the literalist story. Continue reading

Neanderthal DNA in humans has medical & theological implications



The sequencing of the human genome provided an enormous new volume of evidence for common ancestry.  Sequencing of other species has strengthened the case.  Most remarkably we have now sequenced Neanderthals and Denisovans DNA.  Non Africans today have 1-2% Neanderthal DNA, the variation in spread of this DNA itself is evidential.  Furthermore this DNA has direct positive and negative health consequences.  Fascinating.  And impossible to reconcile with a traditional literal reading of Gen 1-3.  We can ignore it, get angry about it (& those who point this out) or deal with it.  Below is an article detailing the situation as at May 2016. Continue reading

Evidence of continuous Aboriginal heritage


Lead archaeologist Peter Veth excavating a rich layer of dietary remains and artefacts below the surface of Boodie Cave

This comprehensive article provides yet more painful evidence of the need to revisit the literalist assumptions about Gen 1-3.  C14 dating plus luminescence dating cross checked in multiple laboratories demonstrates a site in use in Australia from 43,000 years ago until just 6,800 years ago.  The article also references many other studies and articles on ancient Australian aboriginal sites.

This cannot be reconciled to the narrow reading of Gen 1-3.  It is not a conspiracy.  Its not evolution.  Its physics, genetics, archaeology and geology.  Sorry.