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Compliments amid the condemnation

“they are very good Bible students as well, and they have debated every issue you like under the sun, and they are very clever Bible students… you’re dealing with very very clever people, and don’t ever under-rate them, because they’re no fools” Ron Cowie 2015 – Study 11 [49:40] Continue reading


“I am committed to peace, but when I speak, they want to make war”  Psalm 120:7  This blog (and related facebook page) started in response to ongoing misrepresentation and hostility towards evolutionary creation.  We remain committed to accommodation.  Have a literal reading of Genesis 1-3.  Claim dinosaurs are a hoax.  Whatever.  But understand that magazines, interecclesial statements and high profile speakers making statements about evolutionary creationists are continuing the profile of the issue.  Plus it provokes responses.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Evolutionary creationists and accommodationists called for a truce in 2014 to enable calm private discussions.  This was rejected by those who wish to make war.


Why the fascination with “expert dissenters”?

54731174_2263076763755098_9210221894966444032_nWhile the names change, a regular creationist argument is ‘Here is a famous person.  They don’t believe in evolution.  Therefore my rejection of evolution is rational and my interpretation of the Bible is the only right one.’  Sometimes the famous person is a list of scientists who disagree with evolution (Behe, Sanford and the ‘over 1,000 dissenting scientist list’ are the most famous examples).  Whatever.  The argument is very flawed for a number of reasons.  Ironically it is an appeal to authority.  Literalists like painting evolutionary creationists as blinded by authority/science.  Yet they roll out these appeals to authority when it suits.   Yet it gets worse. Continue reading

Creation “science” doesn’t work – the witness of a YEC geophysicist

We have previously made the point that geology proves literal creationists (especially young earth types) are incorrect AND that Noah’s flood was not global.  The science is used every day to extract billions of dollars of fossil fuels.  Creation science is useless in industry – as it doesn’t match the facts.  Below is the story of a once high profile Young Earth Creationist whose work in the oil industry changed everything (bonus points for the reference to bro Alan Hayward’s book at the end). Continue reading

Fixing up the foundations


When you obsess over Adam you might as well go the whole hog and make him foundational.  Inserting Adam into the foundations is an odd choice compared to Jesus the second man, the last adam.  One man is the purpose and pinnacle of creation, the other a dead sinner.  Why don’t we stop seeking division over old man Adam and try unifying around the one foreordained before the foundation of the world.

Fixing up Gen 1:31

very good

Literalists are divided on Gen 1:31.  Some accept it applies to stars, dry land, trees, serpents, and people.  Others try and restrict it to people.  What they all do is add a lot of detail to “very good” – ignoring how Scripture uses the phrase. Some also demand their additions are accepted as Scripture.