Fellowship statements & Magazines

This page provides an index to how Evolutionary Creation aligns with various fellowship documents including our statement of faith and sundry magazine articles.

  1. How to read fellowship statements
  2. A history of the Christadelphian Statement of Faith (BASF)
  3. How fellowship should work (1925 Chas Wauchope)
  4. An appeal for tolerance of conscience
  5. Scripture and Science – must they agree?
  6. Yes creationist – YOU use science to read the Bible, eg the heart
  7. A dangerous inconsistency and false charge
  8. How would EC fit in Scripture?
  9. The Theological implications of Evolutionary Creation
  10. A response to the IEAC reaffirmation statement (external link)
  11. The parable of the wheat and tares should be applied
  12. Lampstand Magazine “Death the Last Enemy” Vol 23 (2017) response
  13. The Lampstand’s July 2017 insert – The Bible and science (part 1)
  14. The Lampstand’s July 2017 insert – Gen 1-3 (part 2)
  15. The Lampstand’s July insert, misreading 1 Cor 15:45 the first man (part 3)
  16. The Lampstand’s July 2017 insert – Death and sin (part 4)
  17. The Lampstand’s July insert – Adam was made? (part 5)
  18. The Lampstand’s July insert – who did Cain marry? (part 6)
  19. The Lampstand’s July insert – the Devil (final part happily)
  20. What does the bible say about heretics anyway?
  21. The 7,000 year plan?
  22. How should we respond to the fact of evolution?
  23. A response to the misleading “By One Man” compilation
  24. A strategic retreat by Salisbury, Wilston and Enfield?
  25. LG Sargent rejected attempts to create new definitions & “common understandings”