Noah’s Flood is a well known bible incident.  The image of faithful Noah, building an ark and together with his family and a menagerie of beasts surviving the flood of God’s judgement is powerful.  It also ties to the discussion of Genesis 1-3, for here is a large scale miracle which, if it occurred as described by many literalists, would leave abundant physical and genetic evidence.  Alas the contrary is true.

  1. Was the flood global or local?
  2. Alan Hayward’s (Christadelphian) case for a local flood
  3. Robert Roberts (Christadelphian) thought the flood was local
  4. 1935 article endorsing a local flood which didn’t kill all humans
  5. The many holes in the Vapour Canopy idea
  6. Some problems with the global flood
  7. Flood & YEC geology problems (an external link)
  8. 8 people couldn’t get the technology together
  9. Was everything vegetarian pre flood?
  10. The flood makes creationists evolutionists