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Cain & Abel

The story of Cain and Abel plays an important role in the foundation of Old Testament theology. While the narrative itself is simple, the themes are deep, and the message deceptively sophisticated.

Just as their parents are the archetypal first human beings and sinners, the brothers represent an archetypal sibling rivalry fuelled by humanity’s predilection for conflict. Their story is traditionally examined from the standpoint of ‘what happened to Abel, and why?’, but a greater lesson emerges when we take the standpoint of ‘what happened afterwards?’ Continue reading


God’s 7,000 year plan – Biblical?

As a believer, I’m convinced of the visible return of Christ to the earth and the 1,000 year reign on earth in line with Rev 20:2 -6.  There is no question God not only has a plan for the earth but has a timeline.  Acts 15:8 tells us that He knew all His works from the beginning of world and He knows the hour of Christ’s return Matt 24:036.

Most believers understandably share a view that our Creator is a God of symmetry and logic.  We consequently expect there is a pattern in God’s plan and timelines.  As we are exhorted to watch for the return of Christ, and believers who know the times and seasons are seemingly commended (1Thes 5:1), searching out for a pattern of years which might indicate the Divine timeline is an appealing pastime.

We need to heed the warning of the Lord though that no man knows the timeline of God as per Matt 24:26. Continue reading

Some creationist Christadelphians believe Adam’s nature didn’t change

That Adam’s nature changed and become somehow more sin prone is dogma with most Genesis literalists.  However this is not a 100% affirmed by all Christadelphians.  Creationists (variously YEC/OEC) have come to the same conclusion as most evolutionary creationists that such a change is NOT found in the Bible. Continue reading


Lean Not On Your Own Understanding: The Fear of Thinking in Fundamentalism

Source: Lean Not On Your Own Understanding: The Fear of Thinking in Fundamentalism


Purpose and navigation

Creation and evolution don’t have to be in conflict.  This site explores the doctrine and science of Genesis 1 and God’s creative work.  As a community we need to accommodate a range of opinions while being true to God’s Word so we don’t cause others to stumble.  Following is an explanation of evolutionary creation, or theistic evolution or God directed evolution (whatever label you wish to use).

In addition to tags, the pages capture the posts relevant to various subjects with an index/links to relevant posts.

Following is a bit of an intro/background/purpose on how the initial author of this page arrived at evolutionary creation, having been an ardent creationist all his life.



Conclusion from Genesis 1-4

Genesis 1 is a wonderful and exciting part of Scripture but its interpretation is complex.  I suggest there is evidence from within the passage and on the basis of simple knowledge of God’s works to interpret it as something other than literal history.  A minority of early Christadelphians shared this position.

Many of the passages considered in Genesis 2-3 are presented as being hostile to EC.  However, on examination, they are neutral – they neither support nor rule out the doctrinal preconditions which would allow some level of evolution as a tool in the hand of God.  As to the common proposition that Adam was amortal prior to the Fall and experienced a change in nature, the evidence is strongly to the contrary within Genesis.


Background and purpose of this blog

Cradle Mountain Tasmania 26 December 2009.  It was cold and the park was nearly empty when our little family arrived early in the morning as part of a two-week caravanning holiday.  When we went on a ranger led walk we were by ourselves.  The ranger was very chatty and informative, he pointed out the wide range of species unique to Tasmania and the local area, noting the linkages but differences to mainland species which was consistent with the geological evidence for the splitting of Tasmania off from mainland Australian 10,000 years ago.  Looking around at the beautiful scene it was obvious that firstly his explanation of the facts (right or wrong) contradicted my understanding of creation and secondly that my understanding of creation didn’t match the evident facts.  Not one to leave questions and challenges unanswered, I had to look harder at the subject.  Initially, my faith was highly destabilised by the contradiction of my understanding of God’s Word in relation to Creation and my understanding of the physical evidence for what God had done.  In my words, what I understood God said to be saying and the fingerprints of what He apparently did appeared to conflict.  Continue reading