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‘ECs are parasitic ants’

A sad but funny recent anti EC rant called us “parasitic ants [who] feed on the young“.   Perhaps the speaker watches too many budget horror flicks, we can’t rationalise it any other way.  We couldn’t even find examples of parasitic ants, perhaps because ants aren’t parasites.  The timing is funny because of the recent videos throughout social media of the parasite which in its young stage takes over snails and pulsates in their eye stalks.  The parasite causes the snail to seek light so that the parasite can wiggle around like a worm in the poor snail, attract predators and be digested into its ultimate host – birds.


A pretty snail – until you realise it is possessed and doomed!

Not great for the snail.  A bit like the zombie ants.  Some creationists think no death (or parasites) existed prior to Adam’s sin.  Because Adam failed, God apparently re-engineered stuff so the parasite would live through two unfortunate creatures.  How this punished Adam or taught him anything we don’t know.  We do know complex critters regular feature as ‘proof’ against evolutionary creation.  Doubt this parasite will feature anytime soon though – not cute enough…


Wolves everywhere?

“What is worse is the back-slapping that goes on simply for asserting that people with a different point of view must be grievous wolves and preaching another gospel. … If as a community we can’t even undertake to properly examine and truly understand different scriptural viewpoints… , how can we possibly recruit truth seekers from atheist or even mainstream Christian backgrounds?”

Oh yeah – we’ve had the wolves label a few times…but the behaviour of the “defenders of the flock” (so called) is clearly unsettling others.

Another swing at Walton

Yet another lecture by Cumberland Christadelphians attacking John Walton because he recently visited South Australia. This time the presenter was Bruce Gurd. Once more, we don’t agree with everything Walton says. But the misrepresentations and illogical attack on Walton demonstrate the kind of approach literalist zealots (since many literalists are lovely) fall into. Rather than review the entire tragic affair we will focus on two points. Walton apparently “doesn’t actually believe that this Bible is inspired by God” and allegedly says “you must read all this ancient near-eastern culture and if you don’t sort of absorb all this you won’t actually understand the scriptures”. Misrepresentation and strawmen abound! Continue reading

The impact of anti EC teaching

“Having forced myself to listen to what brethren who have accepted … Evolutionary Creationism think, I do not find them to be the threat I was told they were, they in fact have been more reasonable and brotherly in their actions, than those who have put themselves in array against them. They are not trying to divide the brotherhood, but are acting on their conscience after diligent study of the scriptures, being compelled to do so by the nature of the evidence. The more I hear Anti-TE rhetoric being made from false premises, the more I feel the need now to look at a subject I had never questioned before.”