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7,200 year old mudbrick village which survived the Flood is washing away in rain


In and around Israel it is not unknown to see old brick contructions which are over 10,000 years old.  Jericho for example.  We wonder how these things survived a global flood but current heavy rains are washing them away!  Read the article here for a host of practices interesting sites and insights.  Of course it might be hard going for literal creation types.  Sorry.

A 7,000 year old well

dji_0622_studna_1600_125475_126005Archaeologists in the Czech republic have uncovered the oldest wooden structure ever found – an old wooden well.  Built in the Neolithic period the age of the artefact was confirmed generally by the pottery styles and specifically by dendrochronology (tree rings) and carbon dating.  The tree ring record enabled the scientists to estimate the season in which the wood was cut.

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Does the Bible use the heart figuratively? (responding to Bro Heavyside)

Bro Heavyside objects to our critique that he “omits to present a unified framework in which Jesus can make biologically incorrect remarks and yet be historically accurate about another aspect of God’s creation”. In response he points to an instant of clear figurative use (God having a heart)to declare ALL uses are figurative.  Claiming ‘because one therefore all’ isn’t proof.  Plus the figurative use of the heart in scripture (like God having one) is still rooted in an incorrect understanding of the heart’s function.  The claim flies in the face of the known common beliefs of the times.  Actually bro Heavyside declares such physiological misstatements as figurative because of science. His approach to statements on creation is to maintain scripture is literal despite science (how does he know they are not also figurative?!). Hence we maintain Genesis literalists lack a unified/consistent interpretive framework. Continue reading

bro Heavyside demonstrating the inconsistent approach of literalists

Bro Heavyside objects to Gen 1-2 not being taken as historical literal events, 24 hour creation from nothing style.  He quotes from Psa 104 and Psa 148 to connect a literal Genesis  1 & 2 with an ongoing basis to worship God.  But these psalms should be avoided by literalists – let’s take a look.

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Creation “science” doesn’t work – the witness of a YEC geophysicist

We have previously made the point that geology proves literal creationists (especially young earth types) are incorrect AND that Noah’s flood was not global.  The science is used every day to extract billions of dollars of fossil fuels.  Creation science is useless in industry – as it doesn’t match the facts.  Below is the story of a once high profile Young Earth Creationist whose work in the oil industry changed everything (bonus points for the reference to bro Alan Hayward’s book at the end). Continue reading

Weather records disprove literal creationists

We believe God created.  How is another question.  Contrary to common slurs we don’t believe in science.  Not in the same way.  We accept reality.  Eg climate change.  The evidence is overwhelming and all but the most conflicted or ignorant accept the reality that humans are changing the planet for the worse.  The evidence for this ALSO flatly contradicts a literal reading of Genesis 1.  Below is an extract of temperatures across Greenland over the last 12,000 years.  There is no change around 6,000 years ago.  Things were operating as they do today. Continue reading

The relationship of Genesis 1-3 to culture and science – Bro Wilfred Lambert

Following is an extract from Bro Wilfred Lambert’s 1997 articles in The Endeavour Magazine entitled “Creation”.  Bro Wilfred was a highly regarded Assyriologist.  His conclusion reproduced below neatly answers the questions posed Australian ecclesias recently on the importance of the creation accounts in Gen 1-3.  Interesting too Bro Wilfred pointing to the reuse of Baal creation myths in Isaiah! Continue reading