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A simple reconciliation

The pioneer approach

Our pioneers believed scientific facts were always in harmony with accurate Biblical interpretation. [1] [2] They believed the earth was extremely old, and that there had been at least one pre-Adamic creation, despite rejecting evolution. They explained the evidence for evolution by arguing God had made many creations over countless years, creating simple life and repeated replacing it with more complex life, finally creating humans in a pre-Adamic creation,[3] then creating the current creation with Adam and Eve.

Over the years, Christadelphian expositors accepted increasingly higher estimates of the age of the earth, and went further and further in their interpretation of Genesis in order to reconcile it with demonstrable scientific facts. Thus on the basis of geological evidence available to him, brother Thomas believed there had been one pre-Adamic creation; later brother Roberts agreed with brother Simons that there was now geological and fossil evidence of at least five pre-Adamic creations. Continue reading


Neanderthal DNA in humans has medical & theological implications



The sequencing of the human genome provided an enormous new volume of evidence for common ancestry.  Sequencing of other species has strengthened the case.  Most remarkably we have now sequenced Neanderthals and Denisovans DNA.  Non Africans today have 1-2% Neanderthal DNA, the variation in spread of this DNA itself is evidential.  Furthermore this DNA has direct positive and negative health consequences.  Fascinating.  And impossible to reconcile with a traditional literal reading of Gen 1-3.  We can ignore it, get angry about it (& those who point this out) or deal with it.  Below is an article detailing the situation as at May 2016. Continue reading

Providential Evolution

The Book of Works

Dear reader – This blog post reflects a novel and probably controversial theme relating teleology (purpose) to evolution. I have written a much more detailed manuscript regarding these ideas, including the specific scientific background for them, which will be published in the March 2017 issue of Perspectives in Science and Christian Faith (PSCF), the journal of the  ASA. I will post a link to the paper once it is published, and will be happy to provide pdf reprints to any who request them. Meanwhile the following serves as a summary and introduction. 

The world view of Evolutionary Creationism (EC), to which I subscribe, holds that God created the universe, the laws of physics that govern the universe, and the laws of life including evolution by natural selection as first postulated by Darwin. This world view is theological, not scientific. The scientific premise of EC, unlike the case with ID or…

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Early Christadelphian approaches to the Bible

Our pioneers and earliest commentators believed we should study Scripture using the best scholarship in science, history, archaeology, textual criticism, lexicography, and Bible study, leaving us an excellent example. They used science and scholarship to combat doctrinal error,[1] [2] believing scientific facts always supports the Bible.[3] [4] [5] [6] They accepted the scientific evidence for the age of the earth[7] [8] [9] [10] and pre-Adamic human beings, [11] [12] [13]  despite rejecting evolution.[14] [15] They wrote articles arguing the Genesis flood was not global, [16] that the days of Genesis 1 were not necessarily literal,[17] that the Bible cannot be understood simply through literal interpretation,[18] [19] and that Moses did not write the Pentateuch.[20]  [21] [22] They supported the most modern Bible available (the Revised Version), and promoted Tischendorf’s New Testament, based on Vaticanus, Sinaiticus, and Alexandrinus, which they regarded as ‘the three most ancient original’ manuscripts.[23] Continue reading

Presenting the evidence – The Fourth Conversation

untitledFor a calm and very accessible introduction to the evidence for evolution I recommend the book “The Fourth Conversation”.  Written by a Christadelphian, this presents the evidence for evolution in a simple easy manner.  The book is available on Kindle, hardcopy, as a pdf or on this blog (where all formats are accessed from).

To quote two paragraphs from the book…

“To be clear, I’m not asking or expecting readers to agree with this position, although to be honest, I do hope that these notes might be useful for those who are on that journey of discovery inspired by their passion for the sciences, and who are grounded by a faith and trust in God. I also hope that it will benefit those who are struggling to understand someone else’s point of view who has already made this journey.”

“As Johannes Kepler said, “Praise and celebrate with me the wisdom and magnitude of the Creator, which I lay open before you by means of a deeper explanation of the structure of the world, by the search for its causes…””

The debate has been ongoing, quite exhaustingly, for a long period in our community.  This publication is a positive and calm contribution to the discussion setting out what the evidence is and positively explain the details which have led many believers to accept God’s miracle may have worked differently to how we previously imagined.