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Creation “science” doesn’t work – the witness of a YEC geophysicist

We have previously made the point that geology proves literal creationists (especially young earth types) are incorrect AND that Noah’s flood was not global.  The science is used every day to extract billions of dollars of fossil fuels.  Creation science is useless in industry – as it doesn’t match the facts.  Below is the story of a once high profile Young Earth Creationist whose work in the oil industry changed everything (bonus points for the reference to bro Alan Hayward’s book at the end). Continue reading


Weather records disprove literal creationists

We believe God created.  How is another question.  Contrary to common slurs we don’t believe in science.  Not in the same way.  We accept reality.  Eg climate change.  The evidence is overwhelming and all but the most conflicted or ignorant accept the reality that humans are changing the planet for the worse.  The evidence for this ALSO flatly contradicts a literal reading of Genesis 1.  Below is an extract of temperatures across Greenland over the last 12,000 years.  There is no change around 6,000 years ago.  Things were operating as they do today. Continue reading

The relationship of Genesis 1-3 to culture and science – Bro Wilfred Lambert

Following is an extract from Bro Wilfred Lambert’s 1997 articles in The Endeavour Magazine entitled “Creation”.  Bro Wilfred was a highly regarded Assyriologist.  His conclusion reproduced below neatly answers the questions posed Australian ecclesias recently on the importance of the creation accounts in Gen 1-3.  Interesting too Bro Wilfred pointing to the reuse of Baal creation myths in Isaiah! Continue reading

An interventionist God?

I don’t believe in an interventionist God, but I know darling that you do sings atheist/deist/doubter Nick Cave before he proceeds via song to seek divine intervention. [1]  How much does God intervene in the world?  What modern believers – of all creative stripes – fail to recognise is how far apart all of us are in our assumptions/expectation of divine intervention from people in Bible times.  This should give all of us pause.  While no-one would debate God CAN intervene in anything as He needs, few (if any) believers would literally accept God feeds the animals every day, or dictates the positioning of clouds.  The Bible describes as direct divine intervention things we moderns understand as the outcome of natural (created) systems.  Why?  Because science has changed what used to be perceived as the daily actions of God into (almost) predictable systems.  Literal creationists read down God’s intervention in daily life – understanding them as just processes, yet they adopt a different approach in Genesis 1-3.
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Scientific dating is accurate & refutes a 6,000 year old creation

Much of the science behind dating like Carbon 14 is not hard to understand.  The science can be readily confirmed.  The attached paper, written by Christian professors in Geology and Geoscience.  The paper explains how 4 lines of evidence support each other in giving an ancient age of the earth and life as we know it.  The authors also demonstrate the data absolutely cannot fit a young earth model (or even a young creation model).  Ie no literalist reading works with the data.  Brethren continuing to force their (semi) literal reading as the only acceptable/possible understanding are ignoring God’s reality and falsely judging His flock. Continue reading

Cats – another literalist problem

While we don’t do science too much on this site, ignoring it completely would mean turning a blind eye to one source of information.  Cats have a long history of association with humans.  Sadly for literalists this history contradicts their claimed meaning of Genesis 1-3.  Archaeology and genetics both demonstrate cats have been with humans – and tracked the spread of human settlements for 10,000 years – the domestic cat’s genetic diversity also plays havoc with global flood readings.
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A climate of denial

Student protests in Australia over climate change have been in the news of late.  It makes sense that informed younger folk would be outraged by government inaction on climate – after all younger people will be disproportionately impacted.  Climate denial in the Christadelphian community follows a similar age pattern.  The blatant disregard for climate science is necessary theologically though.  Tens of thousands (and in many instances hundreds of thousands) of years of climate records fly in the face of the literalist reading of Genesis 1-3.  You can’t be an old or young earth creationist and accept climate science.  The two cannot be reconciled.  The heat on literalists will continue to grow – but much like old conservative politicians, the denial of reality is not over yet.