This is not a science blog, but there is some simple accessible facts which make it clear that our traditional view of Gen 1-3 needs improvement.

  1. 500,000 year old Crystals don’t fit Gen 1
  2. Lake beds prove 45,000+ of continuous life as we know it
  3. Simple DNA evidence that precludes literalism
  4. Yes we are unquestionably related to ancient remains
  5. Disease loads don’t work with two humans
  6. Medical reality and cheetahs disprove literalism
  7. Archaeology challenges literalists – like the 50,000 years of aboriginal history
  8. More ancient aboriginal issues
  9. Speciation – we have seen it happen and in progress
  10. Zombies in the garden of Eden
  11. The complexity and agony of zombie carpenter ants
  12. Your DNA doesn’t match a traditional reading of Gen 1-3
  13. Genetics doesn’t work with just Adam & Eve
  14. Archaeology in Israel has people there in 10,000BC

For a Christadelphian written introduction to the evidence from science in a very accessible way I recommend The Fourth Conversation (available in many formats from this blog),  For a significant amount of science I recommend the excellent and detailed evidence (particularly on DNA) at Evolution Creationism: A Christadelphian Perspective.

Another very good source of information, presented in a way which modelled the tone I wanted to replicate is A letter to Creationists which contains 4 detailed posts (Stan 1-4).

Talk Origins has some evidence for evolution and there is also a handy response to creationists arguments (where I discovered my previous explanations were flawed).

Just for the record the following is a useful simple response to the science and atheism claims

science is atheism or not