Archaeology proves we can read the Bible wrong

mount-borradaile-art-5Evolution is irrelevant – what is critical is the theological implications arising from it.  However the science of evolution is not the only problem for literalists.  Archaeology is usually welcomed by our community as providing evidence for Biblical accounts of history, from the existence of Babylon to the details of Jericho’s construction.  However archaeology provides ample evidence that many people have existed continuously over tens of thousands of years.

Australian aborigines have one of the oldest continuous cultures on earth.  Archaeologists have confirmed this through discovering evidence of continuously inhabited locations from 45,000 to 1,700 years ago[1].  Obviously such an occupation is contrary to the typical reading of Gen 1-3.  This is not an isolated find.  Cave paintings have been reliably dated at 15,000 years ago through C14 dating and others (which can’t be independently dated) depict megafauna which went extinct some 40,000 years ago[2].  For further information see Wikipedia (of course 😉 )[3]

These discoveries are further validated by genetics as DNA sequencing provides a further line of evidence for the antiquity of Aboriginals[4].

This is merely the evidence from one country – but it should cause pause for thought.

Ironically Israel has a fantastic collection of Natufian sites – a group of people from around 12,500BC to 9,500BC[5], many of which overlap with Biblical sites.  The Natufian culture gave way to the Neolothic[6] – again spreading principally from Israel.  This again provides significant issues for the literalists.  The extent of artifacts, their age and continuity all directly contradict the dogma they wish to maintain.


[1]  See also this article on Kakadu






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