Some of the accusations and arguments made against EC are mind boggling and reflect poorly on the biblical scholarship of our community.  However for your interest following are links to posts of arguments genuinely made.  While we respect the integrity of the individuals, the quality of critical thinking is unfortunate.

  1. Why does Paul in Acts 17 say God made all men of one?
  2. “Surely God would not have left Paul etc ignorant of the detail of Creation?”
  3. Would God use “blind chance”?
  4. Exod 20:11 bases the Sabbath on 6 literal days of creation
  5. Isa41:22-23 says EC is akin to idolatry
  6. Romans 1:20, 23-25 describes turning from worshipping God to Evolution
  7. Is EC a strong delusion sent by God?
  8. “You evolutionists all believe different things”
  9. What about the many Scriptures which refer to God as the Creator?
  10. Didn’t God created instantaneously and miraculously?  (Psa33:6-9)
  11. God wouldn’t let the carnal mind evolve unchecked for thousands of years!
  12. God wouldn’t tolerate the carnal mind/bias to sin in the Garden
  13. EC makes God responsible for creating the carnal mind not man
  14. Scoffers denying creation is a sign of the times 2Pet3:3
  15. Does the resurrection (and miracles in general) prove evolution is wrong?
  16. Christ quotes Gen1 & 2 in one passage
  17. Does Eccl 7:29 prove Adam’s nature was very good and later changed?
  18. Does 1 John 2:16 prove the 3 lusts originate with man not God?
  19. 1Tim 6:20 does God warn Timothy to beware of science?
  20. “By One Man” a misrepresentation of Christadelphian positions