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1 Corinthians 15 – Paul on Adam’s body

1 Cor 15

Literal creationists spend more time talking about Adam’s nature than the Bible does. What does the Bible say? Probably the longest description of Adam is in 1 Corinthians 15:43-49. Paul is talking about our pre and post resurrection bodies. He calls up Adam (Gen 2:7) as evidence of our temporary nature, our mortality. That’s inconvenient that Adam pre fall is included in a description of bodies needing resurrection and changing. With a simple highlighter you can pick out the key qualities of the two bodies Paul describes. Continue reading

True principles & uncertain details – an Enfield Bible class

As part of their ongoing agitation against the evident facts which contradict their reading of Genesis, the Enfield ecclesia in SA recently ran two bible classes. The first was based around Robert Roberts 1898 Christadelphian Magazine article “True Principles and Uncertain Details” – a great article worth reading. While Robert’s article was covered, the class was also setting up a belting of evolutionary creation. Continue reading

We are all adam

The focus on Adam in Genesis largely misses the point that we are all adam.  Scripture clearly aligns all humanity with the first couple in its language.   Rather than obsess over biology, we should rather take the point of the demonstration of human failure and divine grace which Gen 2-3 portrays.  We can chose to be in Adam or in Christ.  Focussing on the later would be healthy.  Following is a brief exploration of the way scripture links us to Adam… Continue reading

Lampstand Magazine “Death the Last Enemy” Vol 23 (2017) response

Once again the Lampstand Magazine has produced an unfortunate article which doesn’t fairly reflect the facts on the ground in an article called “Death the Last Enemy (Part 2)” in Volume 23.  The article notably fails (as did the last one) to deal with any of the arguments/rationale advanced by those who accept EC. Continue reading

The first man Adam and The Lampstand

first man adam

The bible dictates how we should understand things – including human summaries of the gospel.  The Lampstand wishes to insist Adam was the first man in their July 2017 insert.  We have already dealt with the scriptural differences between Gen 1 and 2 (which deals therefore with Gen 1:27).  The second proof text they advance is the view of Adam that Eve was the mother of all living Gen 3:23, as if Adam was someone informed on the state of the world outside the cloistered garden

Interestingly as old earth creationists, they strictly believe ‘Adam is the first man in the current creation’ (which is not in the bible of course).  This is just bad biblical exposition.  In the context of 1 Cor 15:45 Adam is the first man and Jesus the last Adam, Adam the first man and Jesus the second (1Cor 15:47).  It’s poor exposition to demand Adam was literally first and Christ spiritually second & last.  Nothing more nothing less.

Death in Rom 5 is not “mortality” but the fate of the wicked

This is a key issue.  There are two Greek words which are closely related but are not the same.  Death and mortality are two different words in Greek as they are in English and they have slightly different meanings.  Our community puts great store on the importance of accuracy in exposition and individual words in Scripture.  Confusing them or readily ignoring the distinction between words is not and should not be our approach.  Firstly to death: Continue reading