Romans 5-8

Romans 5 is imagined to completely exclude the possibility EC and/or multiple people outside the garden of Eden (despite the witness of Cain’s fear, wife and the physical evidence).  The following series of posts explore what the chapters do (and don’t) say.

  1. Introduction and implications of Romans 5
  2. The overview to Rom 5 – Paul’s flow of thought
  3. In what sense was Adam the first sinner?
  4. Death in Rom 5 is the fate of the wicked – not “mortality”
  5. What was “death” in the garden of Eden?
  6. Does the sinner earn death or did Adam earn it for all?
  7. Paul’s argument in Rom 5:14-21
  8. Our evil mind and implications for Eden (Rom 7)
  9. Paul describes the reality of our nature (not its source) Rom 7
  10. In Christ we are spiritually minded not carnal Rom 8
  11. Was there any death in the garden Rom 8:20-21