Rewriting the chronology of Genesis 5

So some evangelicals are now claiming the Gen 5 is missing some years. Based on the LXX and Samaritan Pentateuch they place Adam at 5500bc. Smokes the 7000 year plan but means a few less archaeological problems can be ignored. Wonder if this will eventually leach into our community…

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Pouring cold water on theistic chemists?

The Lampstand Magazine March 2021 issue tries to discredit evolution by asking where Earth’s water came from. This is a question for those pesky chemists and geologists, not evolutionists. The article misrepresents the state of the science, makes a nonsense assertion about Genesis and then selectively quotes and misreads Proverbs 8. Seems like they are lurching towards young earth creation rather than our pioneers’ old earth model too.

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The oldest wooden artefacts found

Shigir Idol in the Sverdlovsk Regional Museum

A 12,500 year old wooden installation – probably an idol? – was found in Russia in the 1890s and made the news when more dating work was recently published. While we have some amazing examples of rock art, perishable material rarely survived. In this instance we were lucky – our ancestor’s work was preserved by peat bog. Clearly humans have long had an interest in artistic endeavour.

2,000 year old Bible fragments found (great) with a 10,000 year old basket (bad)


Archaeologists have found some fragments of OT prophets written in Greek which they dated back 2,000 years. In the same location a 6,000 year old skeleton was found (a young child carefully buried in their blanket) and a 10,000 year old basket. Guess which date is accepted cheerfully by literalists and which two are rejected as a conspiracy?

For a more detailed post about the extensive ancient history of Palestine see this great article by another Christadelphian website.

Bingo anyone?

So once again a useful oneway rant against evilushunists. This time it’s a online UK youth conference “Challenges to Faith”. 8pm GMT on 12 March Ron Cowie will be away on “Theistic Evolution”. To make use of the time we have prepared a Baloney Bingo card for you all – just print and complete. Keep calm and bingo on!

We will be commenting on the Facebook page throughout the event. Join us if you want to win bingo. We can’t promise prizes other than maximum respect 🙂

How to turn people away from God

Christadelphians initially were staunch old earth creationists, which nearly worked to reconcile 19th century observations with traditional Bible interpretations. But now complete conspiracy theory stuff like dinosaurs existing alongside humans is circulated and promoted. It even gets used for bible classes! This is the natural fruit of ‘anti-science creation at all costs’ thinking. Great witness to God. Great way to put stumbling blocks in front of youth.

How’s the flock now?

This week marks 5 years since the Christadelphian Magazine published the news that Jonno Burke had been disfellowshipped in Taiwan. The Lampstand Magazine editor combined with leaders from the Australian Christadelphian Bible Mission “assisted” the Taiwan congregation banish their local leader (and his wife without cause). Mission money was then poured into Taiwan with numerous visits and Bible schools/weeks. 5 years later? How many of the local members from the time are still in the meeting? Smite the shepherd and the sheep perish. The true judge told us to check the fruit of those who take the lead. These Australian ‘saviours’ destroyed a congregation and wasted mission money to try and disguise the damage. Good work attacking those you think are tares and sacrificing others in your crusade. Just what Jesus wants.

“The Way” was open to facts and new readings of Scripture – are we?

We all imagine we have arrived.  We talk about “The Truth” as if we have arrived.  Yet the Bible shows discipleship means growing and sometimes obtaining new insights into God.  Practical experience, cold hard facts sometimes prompt these insights.  Like we know humans have continually existed longer than 6,000 years.  We see this growth based on fact in Acts.

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9,000 year old settlement near Jerusalem

(Image credit: Eyal Marco/Israel Antiquities Authority)

5km from Jerusalem at Motza sits a 9,000 year old Neolithic archaeological site. Three millennia before literal creationists place Adam and Eve we have a city of 3,000 people with evidence of trade with people in Turkey, specialised sheep farming and agriculture. Additional artifacts demonstrate the site was used into the bronze age. Rather than railing against evolution, perhaps creationists should reassess how the evidence matches their interpretation of the Bible?