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“It was only after a friendly discussion with a SDA who questioned my belief in ‘a real talking snake’ rather than Satan in disguise that I freed myself to read Genesis chapters 2 and 3 as a powerful allegory. Later I learned to read chapter 1 as a grand celebratory poem of creation, suitably positioned at the very beginning of the Bible – and it’s not the only poem about creation in the Bible, either!”

“Now my belief in the Bible has never been stronger and I can reconcile the creation with the world around me.”

“I eventually decided to…see if I could be convinced that the Bible and Science could coexist … You guys who’ve been…putting the info out there are literally life savers. Thanks.”

{aww shucks}

“. . . they were using out of context quotes, outdated sources, misrepresentation of facts, arguments copied from evangelicals, and ignorance of basic evolutionary science.
The more I saw such weak arguments . . . the more I became convicted that there were no good arguments against evolution. I was not alone in this.”

“I’ve reluctantly come to acknowledge the evidence for common descent . . . It has mainly been the noticeable lack of reasonable arguments from the creationist side that made me rethink it.”

“Grew up with anti-evo talks from (sometimes scientific) brethren whose argument amounted to irreducible complexity/ personal incredulity/ conflict with Genesis kinds etc.  Became aware (and amazed) a few years ago that there were apparently coherent Christadelphians who accepted evolution.  Knowing that true faith has nothing to fear, set out to honestly investigate, assuming I’d quickly find a flaw.  After educating myself, discovered that evolution was fact.”

“These types of anti-evolution talks, and the speaker’s refusal to answer questions and instead accuse me of not believing in the Bible definitely was a factor in accepting the facts of evolution. The argument I always heard was ‘because my interpretation of the Bible says so,’ while providing no evidence.”