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How do you implement the wheat & tares parable?


The parable of the wheat and tares is exclusive to Matt 13:24-30.  It provides a challenging limitation to those who seek to impose their understanding as the basis of fellowship.  Any practice of disfellowship has to encompass the whole gamut of scripture, rather than pick and choose passages which support our preferred model of operations.  As brother I Collyer noted “an industrious rooting out of tares may be a mistaken zeal” [1], however the Lord goes further commanding such activity NOT occur. Continue reading

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LG Sargent rejected Logos attempts to dictate the understanding of Gen 1

LG Sargent LG in the 1966 Christadelphian Magazine (Vol 103, page 458–460), wrote a scathing letter to The Logos magazine editor following criticism of Sargent’s non literal approach to Genesis 1 (eg leaving the time in Gen 1 as an open question).  Sargent was opposed to evolution, but clearly notes our community (historically at least) took on board the plain observations of science.  He also noted Bro Thomas always accepted the earth had long rotated because of science.  Sargent also restates Walker’s earlier observation that there is no evidence (and should be according to most literalists) of a cataclysmic end to life and a reboot some 6,000 years ago.  50 years later again we have South Australian demands on how Genesis and fellowship statements should be read (see here for a response to the IEAC statement).  See below for the full letter from Sargent. Continue reading

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Response to the Lampstand July 2017 on the Devil

We know a few people were scratching their heads on the final part of the Lampstand’s insert on EC wondering what was up.  The table moved on to discuss the devil.  Honestly the representation of the EC position is so totally weird that it is hardly worth comment.  Nonsense.  Whatever something thinks they might have understood they clearly didn’t.  The other side of the table is not much better – an unbalanced focus on winning an argument against a strawman and this is the result.  Below is the table: Continue reading

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The Lampstand July 2017 – who did Cain marry?

More commentary on The Lampstand’s insert, where they state there is no biblical evidence for Cain marrying someone other than his sister.  We suggest otherwise (God’s character being exhibit A!)  read on for details: Continue reading

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Lampstand July 2017 insert – Adam was made?

The Lampstand insert continued…they now start to focus on Adam’s condition prior to sin: Continue reading

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Lampstand July 2017 insert – Death and Sin

dying thou shalt die and paul.png

So the Lampstand Magazine continues on its insert to misrepresent the EC position on what death means and in the process neglect a serious number of scriptural passages raised by EC.  The relevant part of their insert is shown below: Continue reading

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Lampstand Magazine “Death the Last Enemy” Vol 23 (2017) response

Once again the Lampstand Magazine has demonstrated regrettable quality control in an article called “Death the Last Enemy (Part 2)” in Volume 23.  Strawmen attacks abound and the article notably fails (as did the last one) to deal with any of the arguments/rationale advanced by those who accept EC. Continue reading


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