Pouring cold water on theistic chemists?

The Lampstand Magazine March 2021 issue tries to discredit evolution by asking where Earth’s water came from. This is a question for those pesky chemists and geologists, not evolutionists. The article misrepresents the state of the science, makes a nonsense assertion about Genesis and then selectively quotes and misreads Proverbs 8. Seems like they are lurching towards young earth creation rather than our pioneers’ old earth model too.

Helpfully the article claims “one of the more popular theories…is that icy comets collided with our planet“. Nice misuse of the word theory there. And even wikipedia notes there are a few competing ideas try to make sense of the data/evidence. Strangely none of the data works with ‘created 6,000 years ago’. Having set up a strawman, Lampstand then demolishes their opposition by suggesting trillions of comets would be needed to bring in the water. They effectively prove they can misrepresent the actual current position quite nicely.

The article then asserts “The Genesis record is plain – all forms of water were created by God” – which is nonsense. Genesis says there was already water and God arranged it by separating some to be above the firmament and some in the oceans. Is mis-using the Bible like that considered ok?

The article then quotes from Proverbs 8:27-30 pointing out that water, as part of creation, demonstrates God’s wisdom. The quote does NOTHING to prove God created the water in situ – at any time. SO it’s kind of irrelevant. Actually the passage talks about God ORDERING the water. Not making it. So pretty much exactly like Genesis 1. Further, the article provides only a limited excerpt of the quote. They skip right past the final phrase of Prov 8:29 where wisdom says she was with God “when he appointed the foundations of the earth“. Like all good literalists it pays to skip the bits that don’t suit your narrative. There are no literal foundations of the earth…the phrase reflects common misconceptions about the structure of the earth in ancient times. Oops.

Christadelphia’s founders were old earth creationists. They didn’t care what happened before 6,000 years ago and regularly accepted the findings of science – even including humans before (but not concurrent with) Adam and Eve. They would not have cared a rush about how God created water and got it to planet earth. Just raising it as somehow relevant highlights a trend in the community to the evangelical young earth model which has been historically less prevalent in The Lampstand sector of the community.

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