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The Lampstand Magazine – “don’t add or detract from this book”

Oh the irony.  The Lampstand Magazine and it’s principal backers have been instrumental in promulgating additional ‘explanatory statements’ to existing Christadelphian creeds.  Yet in the March 2020 edition (Vol 26#2) they decry such activity.  bro Brian Luke has an article entitled “The Last Appeal of our Lord”.  The article is the second in a series decrying open fellowship and emphasising the need for pure doctrine & practice. Continue reading

The pathway to unity – Enfield Bible class 12 February 2020

Having considered the relevance of Robert Robert’s article “General Principles and Uncertain Details”, and largely used it to set up an attack on evolutionary creationists, the second and final Bible class at Enfield in the series was called “The pathway to unity”. It was a thinly veiled swing at evolutionary creationists and a call for accommodation of them to be abandoned. Continue reading

Reply to The Lampstand Magazine on “Fellowship & the Statement of Faith (Part 1)”

Bro. James Mansfield’s recent article in The Lampstand entitled ‘Biblical Fellowship and the Importance of the Statement of Faith’ [Vol 26.1] has merit, but falls short in a number of ways. This response is intended as constructive criticism rather than a refutation. Continue reading

Is Christ Divided? Responding to difference

In 1987 articles in a liberal Christadelphian Magazine (The Endeavour), caused quite a stir and calls for dramatic action being circulated to many UK ecclesias.  Overseas groups also contributed to the clamour.  In response a large number of believers signed a joint letter published in the Christadelphian Magazine.  The letter pointed out the BASF was a human document with human limitations, exploring Scripture and questioning isn’t wrong and that ecclesias – not groups or associations of ecclesias – should moderate their member’s activities.  Useful counsel today, although our magazines now and Australian ecclesia groups (like the South Australian IEAC) would likely disagree.  The letter is below:

Continue reading

Acts 17:26 inserting Adam is incorrect

Acts 17:26 appears to give literalists a wonderful platform to insist all humans descended from Adam.  Further investigation demonstrates this interpretation is very wanting.  We don’t mind if you want to believe this, but don’t put words in Paul’s mouth and then use it to divide.  The AACE discussion paper – which will have unity implications – includes this popular but questionable misreading.  Here’s the passage: Continue reading

Purity of Doctrine – Shield Magazine 1973

“PURITY OF DOCTRINE – This has always been at the centre of inter-ecclesial controversy.  The main issue on this point is just how far we go in certain matters, some will always wish to go further than others.  It is therefore essential that all concerned should keep closely to the actual agreement reached and not try to go further.”

Dangerfield, AC (1973) “The Unity Book – Conclusion”  The Australian Christadelphian Shield Magazine, page 110 Vol 76 # 5