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By their fruits you shall know

The ACBM website as at 25 October 2017 states there are 18 members of the Taipei ecclesia.  The ACBM annual report for 2017 reports there are 10.  This ecclesia, as suggested by the ACBM information, was not long ago a self-sufficient meeting holding both memorial meetings and study classes.  Today there are three sisters, occasionally 4, sometimes 2, clustered around a Skype call listening to an exhort from South Australia. Continue reading


Fellowship is with God and judged by Jesus

Fellowship is established with God and His son.  It is with each other by extension.  Disfellowship and exclusion are practices fraught with the danger of becoming human tradition.  This topic has been explored before.  An old friend recently presented us with a reprinted copy (from around 1989) of Bro Charles (Chas) P. Wauchope’s study dating to circa 1925.  It is reproduced below and a pdf of the booklet is at the bottom of this post. Continue reading

Disfellowshipping heretics?

1 Timothy 6:5 and Titus 3:10 are favourites with those who insist on their reading of the bible as the only possible one.  Phrases advocating withdrawal and rejecting heretics play well.  On closer examination these passages do not support the conservative’s case, but rather illustrate a tendancy to do inadequate due diligence on the verses they use against others. Continue reading

How do you implement the wheat & tares parable?


The parable of the wheat and tares is exclusive to Matt 13:24-30.  It provides a challenging limitation to those who seek to impose their understanding as the basis of fellowship.  Any practice of disfellowship has to encompass the whole gamut of scripture, rather than pick and choose passages which support our preferred model of operations.  As brother I Collyer noted “an industrious rooting out of tares may be a mistaken zeal” [1], however the Lord goes further commanding such activity NOT occur. Continue reading

Wilfred Lambert stated the human race is more than 7,000 years old

Bro Wilfred Lambert was one of the foremost Assyriologists of his generation.  He wrote quite explicitly about the connection between ancient near eastern ideas (about which he was an expert) and the impossibility of reconciling Gen 1-3 with science.  Some of his specific observations in the following article are:

  • The antiquity of the earth and man is unquestionably longer than biblical literalists can allow
  • Gen 1 and Gen 2-3 are separate events and cannot be read as literal/scientific accounts
  • The solid raqia was a common/borrowed understanding of the sky
  • Humanity is far older than 7,000 years

Bro Wilfred was not disfellowshipped for such ideas (for the record – I take elements of Gen 2-3 more literally than he did) Continue reading

Alan Eyre rejecting anti science nonsense

Bro Alan Eyre is well known to many in the community.  He is also a lifelong scientist.  In 2015, in response to anti evolution articles in many of our publications (particularly The Christadelphian Magazine) he released an open letter which among other things asserts:

  • The universe and life is old
  • The science of dating is secure by multiple lines of evidence
  • The geological column is reliable
  • Anti science and evolutionary articles in our community are poorly researched and based on flawed information
  • Genesis 1 cannot be reconciled to the physical facts obvious to our God given senses

The full letter follows Continue reading

Bro Weaving – accepted science, not disfellowshipped

Lovelock was not the last individual to achieve unwanted attention after publishing on the subject of origins and evolution.  Never mentioned by those who oppose EC is the late 1960s (after Lovelock) case of Brother John Weaving from the Birmingham Central ecclesia.  He published a series of articles in the Endeavour Magazine dealing with evolution.  Continue reading