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ACBM – rewriting the basis of fellowship

The ACBM is in contravention of the basis of interecclesial fellowship in Australia.  It’s requirements of fieldworkers stands in stark contrast to the voice of Australian ecclesias expressed in the 2016 Sydney Conference then ratified by an Australia wide vote.  Ironically its additions to the basis of fellowship demonstrate that the official basis as expressed doesn’t necessarily contradict evolutionary creation. Continue reading


Responding to evolution – faith is Christ (not Adam) based

We must not cultivate an Adam based faith. Unfortunately the story of Genesis ch.3 is often taught as the literal foundation of the Gospel, recently as nothing less than “the rationale and basis” for Jesus Christ and his Gospel of salvation,[1] and that the existence or need for Jesus Christ would collapse were Eden’s events found to be metaphorical or non-literal. This remarkable assertion is one of the most common hurdles to overcome for many Christadelphians when confronted by scientific challenges to Genesis, yet it is deeply flawed on several counts. Continue reading

How should we respond to evolution?

We must recognise that the Bible makes us wise for salvation “through faith in Christ Jesus” (not Adam) and that “All Scripture is breathed out by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.”32 Genesis is written that we may be spiritually complete; not deceived as a novice on moral issues, but trained in righteousness and equipped for every good work. We must respect this functional intent of the Bible, and respect God’s choice of literary genre. We must not fall for the anachronistic treatment of Genesis as a literal historical record,[1] for Genesis was not written to answer the concerns of modern Westerners

Continue reading


Responses to the fact of evolution

In view of these developments, what should we do? These matters are not going to go away; we must not be so foolish to think scientific evidence can be suppressed by fiat or force, or in any way resolved by an abuse of ecclesiastical power or influence. How then should we Christadelphians respond? Continue reading


Creation & Evolution – how should we respond

When discussing doctrine and fellowship around the issues of creation and evolution it is important to remember that the heavens declare the glory of God, and consider how the Bible points us to Creation to enrich our understanding of God’s truth. The Bible assures us that Creation came by his Word, that Nature is God’s handiwork, and the Universe is his self evident witness. Day after day and night after night all creation speaks to us, exposing all humankind to a knowledge of God’s eternal power, of his goodness and righteousness and other divine attributes, so much so that God holds all men – including ourselves – morally accountable to him and without excuse.[1] Continue reading


By their fruits you shall know

The ACBM website as at 25 October 2017 states there are 18 members of the Taipei ecclesia.  The ACBM annual report for 2017 reports there are 10.  This ecclesia, as suggested by the ACBM information, was not long ago a self-sufficient meeting holding both memorial meetings and study classes.  Today there are three sisters, occasionally 4, sometimes 2, clustered around a Skype call listening to an exhort from South Australia. Continue reading


Fellowship is with God and judged by Jesus

charles (chas) wauchopeFellowship is established with God and His son.  It is with each other by extension.  Disfellowship and exclusion are practices fraught with the danger of becoming human tradition.  This topic has been explored before.  An old friend recently presented us with a reprinted copy (from around 1989) of Bro Charles (Chas) P. Wauchope’s study dating to circa 1925.  It is reproduced below and a pdf of the booklet is at the bottom of this post. Continue reading