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Response to the Lampstand July 2017 on the Devil

We know a few people were scratching their heads on the final part of the Lampstand’s insert on EC wondering what was up.  The table moved on to discuss the devil.  Honestly the representation of the EC position is so totally weird that it is hardly worth comment.  Nonsense.  Whatever something thinks they might have understood they clearly didn’t.  The other side of the table is not much better – an unbalanced focus on winning an argument against a strawman and this is the result.  Below is the table: Continue reading

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Lampstand July 2017 insert – Adam was made?

The Lampstand insert continued…they now start to focus on Adam’s condition prior to sin: Continue reading

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Very good

very good

For more detail see this post.

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July 9, 2017 · 7:14 am

The promised punishment for Adam

dying shalt die

For more detail on this subject see this post.


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July 5, 2017 · 8:09 am

Are we in Adam/sinners/dead/carnal or in Christ/righteous/spiritually minded? Rom 8

Paul moves on from discussing the implications of the law in his members which dragged him into sin to then discuss Romans 8 – and the triumph of the faithful in God’s love despite their personal failures (as considered in Rom7).  Critically he continues the dualistic approach he commenced in Rom 5:12, we are either in Adam/servants of sin/dead/carnal or we are in Christ/servants of God/spiritually minded. Continue reading

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Paul describes the reality of our nature (not its source) Rom 7:17-23

Paul describes his natural as carnal/fleshly in Rom7:14 and goes on to with the most pertinent discussion of our nature and our inevitable inability to do what is right in Rom7:17-23 Continue reading

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Our evil mind, interaction with law and the struggle to obey – Rom 7

If Paul’s experience, like ours, is that there is always evil present, how asks the special creationist could Adam and Eve be described as a very good?  How could Adam & Eve have no knowledge of good and evil if they had a mind like ours and so evil was present with them? Continue reading

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