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Sumerian words in Gen 2 and Eden’s location

The Anchor Yale commentary on Genesis 2 includes some interesting comments on the inclusion of Sumerian loan words.  This speaks to the age of the history.  It also provides us with clear direction on the location of the garden of Eden.  While some might like to locate it in Israel (perhaps based on overzealous loyalty), the chapter seems clearly to point to a southern region in Mesopotamia. Continue reading


Eden was watered by a spring – not a mist

but a stream would rise from the earth, and water the whole face of the ground Gen 2:6 NRSV

Historically this was understood to mean as indicated in the KJV that there some heavy humidity which provided the water, because it wasn’t raining.  The only other occurrence of the word translated in the KJV as “mist” is in Job 36:27 – where mist is clearly the meaning.  However cuneiform evidence (both Akkadian and Sumerian) now indicates the word could be understood to mean either the annual floodwaters or an underground spring.[1] as also stated in Brown Driver Briggs[2]  Continue reading

Gen 2:5 A partnership of God and man

In Genesis 1 humanity is created to image God.  Gen 2-3 tells a different story, presenting God and Adam in partnership to cultivate the earth.  God is the provider/planter while Adam is to till the ground and enhance the cultivated land.  Genesis 2:5 is an odd verse, its connection (or rather contrast) with Genesis 1 is often noted.  However it sets up a remarkable partnership.

Continue reading

Fixing up Gen 2:17 for literalists

treePlease understand we at COD cheerfully share fellowship in Christ with all manner of creationists.  But when some seek contention about what they think the Bible says, we will point out how much pressure their reading puts on the text.  So we “fixed” Gen 2:17  to read as the literalists simply read it.  Quite different isn’t it.

Fixing up Gen 2:7 for literalists

And the Lord God formed man of theWhat the Bible says can differ from what you think it should say.  Some think they are cleaning up heresy by fighting evolutionary creationists.  But are they reading aright?  Below is Gen 2:7 (KJV) adjusted to match what some claim.

Of course this contradicts Paul’s exposition saying Adam was made mortal as a living soul, but let’s not worry about that.

Literalist creationists become non-literal when it suits them

The South Australian issued “IEAC Reaffirmation Statement” claimed that the supporting ecclesias took the Genesis creation record as “literal in its details”. [edited to delete “all” see notes]  This is simply incorrect as demonstrated by Gen 2:19-20 where Adam names every animal and bird.  The record five times tells us Adam named all/every animal and bird.  This all happened in less than one day.  Do the literalists think so?  No.  They don’t.  They adopt an inconsistent pick and mix approach to Genesis 1-3. Continue reading

We are all adam

The focus on Adam in Genesis largely misses the point that we are all adam.  Scripture clearly aligns all humanity with the first couple in its language.   Rather than obsess over biology, we should rather take the point of the demonstration of human failure and divine grace which Gen 2-3 portrays.  We can chose to be in Adam or in Christ.  Focussing on the later would be healthy.  Following is a brief exploration of the way scripture links us to Adam… Continue reading