Some history

It is abundantly clear that the vast majority of our community has historically rejected any form of EC.  Occasionally the subject was explored in detail with some surprising outcomes.  All this of course against 150+ years of history during which we have moved from horse and cart to the mechanical, digital and information revolutions.  Our reality today would be incomprehensible to our pioneers (some of whom famously rejected that man would ever fly and later others rejected the very idea of man landing on the moon).

  1. Roberts in 1869 denied a significant change in Adam (he changed later)
  2. CC Walker noted the facts don’t support a literal Genesis 1
  3. LG Sargent explains in detail that Adam was made mortal
  4. LG Sargent rejects Logos Magazine demands to take Genesis 1 super literally
  5. Some creationist Christadelphians believed Adam’s nature didn’t change
  6. Lovelock, an example which acknowledged thorny problems
  7. Lovelock’s disfellowship was not universally supported, nor was he alone
  8. Bro Weaving publicly accepts science and is not disfellowshipped
  9. Bro Lambert states humanity is older than 7,000 years & Gen 1-3 is not scientific
  10. Alan Eyre rejects anti-science and YEC, says the earth and life is old
  11. Early Christadelphian approaches to the Bible
  12. Christadelphian positions have varied (more than science?) and still no solution
  13. 2009 C Mag letter reveals EC continued to exist
  14. A response to “By One Man”s misleading summary of our history



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