Purpose and navigation

Creation and evolution don’t have to be in conflict.  This site explores the doctrine and science of Genesis 1 and God’s creative work.  As a community we need to accommodate a range of opinions while being true to God’s Word so we don’t cause others to stumble.  Following is an explanation of evolutionary creation, or theistic evolution or God directed evolution (whatever label you wish to use).

In addition to tags, the pages capture the posts relevant to various subjects with an index/links to relevant posts.

Following is a bit of an intro/background/purpose on how the initial author of this page arrived at evolutionary creation, having been an ardent creationist all his life.


1 thought on “Purpose and navigation

  1. Mark Schlegel

    What motivates us?
    What is the purpose of all this, where is the Gospel? Should we seek philosophy and science in preaching the Gospel, Paul says it results in foolishness. We are blessed to understand the Gospel, but as watchmen we are also warned. Should we not discuss how we have preached the Gospel, what we have found helpful? Do we struggle to share the Gospel, or do we need to look at what may hinder preaching the Gospel? Can we join with Jesus and go out and share the Gospel?



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