Bro Weaving – accepted science, not disfellowshipped

Lovelock was not the last individual to achieve unwanted attention after publishing on the subject of origins and evolution.  Never mentioned by those who oppose EC is the late 1960s (after Lovelock) case of Brother John Weaving from the Birmingham Central ecclesia.  He published a series of articles in the Endeavour Magazine dealing with evolution.  His summary at the end of the series of articles was

It would be presumptuous to call this section “conclusions “. However, from the material that has been examined in this and previous articles certain factors emerge that we believe most people with scientific training will feel are clear beyond reasonable doubt.

  1. That life has been present on the earth for a very long time, millions rather than thousands of years.
  2. That there is no evidence of any clear cut and universal break in the fossil record of this life.
  3. That life on the earth was originally of simple animals and plants in the sea.
  4. That some evolution within families, e.g. the horse, is backed by good fossil evidence.
  5. That the theories of evolution postulated as a complete explanation for all life, if relying on distinct chance, are by no means proven. The fossil evidence for transition between species is small and sometimes conflicting.” [1]

With the passing of time and the expansion of lines of inquiry (particularly into the genome), further evidence of the mechanisms of evolution are better supported, however the conclusions Bro Weaving reached are sound.  His second point has been made by prominent Christadelphians before (CC Walker & LG Sargent as previously referenced).

In response, his ecclesia published the following in The Christadelphian Magazine:

The publication of an article on Creation and Evolution in the Endeavour Magazine (Summer 1969) by Bro. J. H. Weaving, a member of the Central ecclesia, has caused concern to some brethren and sisters. The Central Arranging Brethren have given long and careful consideration to the article and had correspondence and meetings with the writer over a period of twelve months. Whilst Bro. Weaving would have liked the problems associated with Creation and Evolution to be left as a matter for open discussion, he gave the categorical assurance that he did not believe that evolution would explain the origin of species, including man. This statement the members of the Central ecclesia have gladly accepted. He believes that man came into being as a deliberate act of God. Bro. Weaving has also assured us that he believes that the following Biblical statements relating to the creation of Adam and Eve are divinely inspired, namely:

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life . . .” (Genesis 2:7).

“And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man and he slept and he took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead thereof; and the rib which the Lord God had taken from the man made he woman . . .” (Genesis 2:21–23).

“The first man Adam was made a living soul” (1 Cor. 15:45).

He accepts clause 4 of the Statement of Faith.

The Arranging Brethren firmly maintain that a belief in the Genesis record of creation is fundamental to our Scriptural beliefs and Statement of Faith as Christadelphians.”[2]

I personally have no dispute whatsoever with the above statement and many (if not all) of those who accept EC would similarly accept it.  So here within a few years of Lovelock another instance emerges with a completely different resolution.

Those who parade the memory of Lovelock as if it were a legal precedent are ignorant of, or ignoring, the reality of the variety of opinion at the time and subsequent high-profile decisions about people holding to EC or some variation thereof.  There are two paths of resolution in our history and we have the power to choose today.

[1] Weaving, J. “Creation and Evolution” The Endeavour Magazine Summer 1969 page 10

[2] The Birmingham Central Ecclesia The Christadelphian Magazine Volume 108  Page 381 (1971)

Note:  The post has been updated it previously incorrectly gave Bro Weaving’s name as Jack.  It was John Weaving.  Thanks for the correction.

5 thoughts on “Bro Weaving – accepted science, not disfellowshipped

  1. Bijbelvorsers

    It is good he is not disfellowshipped, because nothing should hinder a believe in normal evolution of things after the universe was created by the Most High God, who gave man a place in His creation. Too often people expect that first human being to look like a Caucasian contemporary being, and that is where many go wrong. Also too many forget “one day” in the eyes of God is not a 24 hours period of our day, nor are the days spoken of in Genesis to be taken as a “Day of 24 hours” but as a period or phase of development or growth or evolution, bringing the output spoken of.


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