Very Good comment in the Testimony Magazine

We have written a fairly lengthy article on the meaning of the expression “very good” in Genesis 1.  Suffice it to say we believe the phrase means everything was really good.  From the sea, to the trees, to the serpent and even humanity, the whole work of creation was a job well done.  While the component parts may have been good, the work collectively was very much more so.  There is no moral or superhuman overtones to the phrase in the context of Genesis 1 or in its many uses later in the Old Testament. Continue reading


God’s 7,000 year plan – Biblical?

As a believer, I’m convinced of the visible return of Christ to the earth and the 1,000 year reign on earth in line with Rev 20:2 -6.  There is no question God not only has a plan for the earth but has a timeline.  Acts 15:8 tells us that He knew all His works from the beginning of world and He knows the hour of Christ’s return Matt 24:036.

Most believers understandably share a view that our Creator is a God of symmetry and logic.  We consequently expect there is a pattern in God’s plan and timelines.  As we are exhorted to watch for the return of Christ, and believers who know the times and seasons are seemingly commended (1Thes 5:1), searching out for a pattern of years which might indicate the Divine timeline is an appealing pastime.

We need to heed the warning of the Lord though that no man knows the timeline of God as per Matt 24:26. Continue reading

A collection of objections

Evolution does not affect our understanding of the need for atonement; that all humans are mortal, prone to sin, and in need of salvation.[1] Brother Thomas and brother Roberts originally believed Adam and Eve were created mortal and prone to sin.[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]   This did not affect their correct understanding of the atonement. They changed their views on this subject [8] without being re-baptized. Continue reading

A simple reconciliation

The pioneer approach

Our pioneers believed scientific facts were always in harmony with accurate Biblical interpretation. [1] [2] They believed the earth was extremely old, and that there had been at least one pre-Adamic creation, despite rejecting evolution. They explained the evidence for evolution by arguing God had made many creations over countless years, creating simple life and repeated replacing it with more complex life, finally creating humans in a pre-Adamic creation,[3] then creating the current creation with Adam and Eve.

Over the years, Christadelphian expositors accepted increasingly higher estimates of the age of the earth, and went further and further in their interpretation of Genesis in order to reconcile it with demonstrable scientific facts. Thus on the basis of geological evidence available to him, brother Thomas believed there had been one pre-Adamic creation; later brother Roberts agreed with brother Simons that there was now geological and fossil evidence of at least five pre-Adamic creations. Continue reading