1 Corinthians 15 – Paul on Adam’s body

1 Cor 15

Literal creationists spend more time talking about Adam’s nature than the Bible does. What does the Bible say? Probably the longest description of Adam is in 1 Corinthians 15:43-49. Paul is talking about our pre and post resurrection bodies. He calls up Adam (Gen 2:7) as evidence of our temporary nature, our mortality. That’s inconvenient that Adam pre fall is included in a description of bodies needing resurrection and changing. With a simple highlighter you can pick out the key qualities of the two bodies Paul describes.

So Adam in Gen 2:7 (made a living soul) is like us. Dishonour, weakness, natural, a living soul, of the earth, earthy. These are all descriptive of the first Adam in Genesis 2 – before he sins. They are also descriptive of our bodies now. We bear the image of the earthy – we are like Adam. In due course hope to be like the last Adam. But now we are like Adam as created according to Paul.

V45 is sometimes used by literal creationists as a proof text. Adam was the first man, therefore no concurrent humans, no evolution and all of science is one big conspiracy. It’s terrible logic for example we all know people called Adam today…. Paul is clearly talking about the first and last man in God’s salvation plan. Both marked beginnings, not necessarily of all humanity, but of God’s purpose.

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