The first man Adam and The Lampstand

first man adam

The bible dictates how we should understand things – including human summaries of the gospel.  The Lampstand wishes to insist Adam was the first man in their July 2017 insert.  We have already dealt with the scriptural differences between Gen 1 and 2 (which deals therefore with Gen 1:27).  The second proof text they advance is the view of Adam that Eve was the mother of all living Gen 3:23, as if Adam was someone informed on the state of the world outside the cloistered garden

Interestingly as old earth creationists, they strictly believe ‘Adam is the first man in the current creation’ (which is not in the bible of course).  This is just bad biblical exposition.  In the context of 1 Cor 15:45 Adam is the first man and Jesus the last Adam, Adam the first man and Jesus the second (1Cor 15:47).  It’s poor exposition to demand Adam was literally first and Christ spiritually second & last.  Nothing more nothing less.

1 thought on “The first man Adam and The Lampstand

  1. John Mannell

    It’s worth noting that 1Cor 15:45-47 is contrasting mortality with immortality, and as a proof text quotes Gen 2:7, describing Adam before he sinned. In that context Paul describes Adam as:

    – a perishable body (lit. “in corruption”)
    – sown in dishonor
    – sown in weakness
    – sown a natural body
    – a living soul
    – from the earth
    – earthy
    – flesh and blood
    – mortal



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