The Lampstand July 2017 – who did Cain marry?

More commentary on The Lampstand’s July 2017 insert, where they state there is no biblical evidence for Cain marrying someone other than his sister.  We suggest otherwise (God’s character being exhibit A!)  read on for details:The Lampstand included this table:

Cain intermarried with a race of evolved beings.


There is no Biblical evidence for this suggestion.  As Adam is the progenitor of the entire human race such inter-marriage could never take place BASF 3,4,5,12,30


Sorry yes there is biblical evidence.

EC’s believe in a moral God who doesn’t change His principles based on expediency.  So when God plainly states He detests incest we believe He always has and always will.  God condemned the Canaanites for this and other abominable practices (Lev 19) – revealing the law to Moses didn’t suddenly illuminate God’s morality.  He is unchanging.  However literalists believe God started the process of filling the earth with His glory using incest by design.  This often upsets literalists and understandably so, however it is fundamental to their model.  One the other hand EC’s agree with James 1:17 that God doesn’t change

Furthermore the literalist alters the plain words of Gen 5 and plain reading of Gen 4 to “insert” additional children between Abel and Seth so Cain had someone to be afraid of.  The biblical record has no males existing between Abel and Seth (see here for more detail).

The evolved beings Cain feared and from whom he drew wives were hominids.  It provides some amusement when people get apoplectic about such suggestions.  You are a hominid – we all are.  The genetic evidence linking us to the many old human remains is consistent.  The evidence of our own DNA comprehensively shows there was no population bottleneck 6,000 years ago.  We see it and the medical effect in some species, but humans are not one.  Medicine already proves The Lampstand is misreading the bible.  As gene editing technology (see Wikipedia for a brief intro) further impacts medicine, this will become even more apparent.

As for the claim that the BASF insists “Adam is the progenitor of the entire human race”, well people need to get closer to the history and meaning of the BASF.  One early version of the BASF did actually say Adam was the progenitor.  This was removed and the scriptural language of Adam being the first man (just like Christ was the last!) was put in.  Typically Christadelphians don’t know this history, let alone consider the implications.

The needless tragedy is by refusing to engage constructively and refusing to even consider contrary evidence, too many leaders are building stumbling blocks for current and future believers.


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