Stonehenge – monument to ancient man

Stonehenge is one of the best known ancient sites in Britain.  The remains of significant construction at what is now the bluestone henge on Salisbury plain date back to around 3,000 BC.  Prior to the existing stones, archaeologists have found evidence of older circular structures as well as the remains of people buried at the site.  Some of the human activity in the site date back as far as 8,000 BC.  Fascinatingly, chemical analysis proves the cremated remains of non-locals were carried in leather bags to the site and interred.  The Stonehenge (past and present) doesn’t reconcile with either a global flood or the literalist creation 6,000 years ago.


Recent studies on interred remains are able to demonstrate where the (long time) deceased unfortunates lived based on the chemical signatures in their charred remains.  Even the wood they were cremated with provides geographic signatures.  Archaeologists/chemists published results on a batch of individuals who dated back to  3180–2965 and 2565–2380 BC.

This is significant as the flood is typically dated by literal creationists as around 2,304 BC (the dates vary a fraction despite assertions that the numbers are obvious & clear eg this AiG article says 2,348). Interestingly the bluestones on the site date back to 2400-2200BC  spanning the timeframe of what should be a global flood.

More concerningly for the global flood interpretation, the archaeological history of the Stonehenge site has been exhaustively studied.  There is no trace of a flood.  Instead there is ample evidence for ongoing use and development plus structures which rather than being obliterated by a global flood just carried on.

Worse still – for the literal creationist who expects just two people 6,000 years ago, what we have instead is evidence of organised societies not only predating 4,000 BC but also continuing on through this date uninterrupted (the lack of interruption witnesses against the “old earth creation” model as well).  There is evidence of ongoing use and activity with building and re-designing using earth, wood and stone over millenia.  For a summary of the history of the site see Wikipedia.  There is evidence of human activity dating back to 8,000BC in the erecting of (probably) sacred pillars and evidence of hunting activity and significant construction of the immediate predecessors to the current ruins start around 3,000BC.

Stonehenge is an impressive ancient monument.  To this day there is some debate and exploration around exactly what it meant and was used for.  Some of these secrets are being unlocked as new techniques and discoveries are made.  However without knowing all the site’s secrets what we can say for sure based on the evidence it provides is that:

  • there was no global flood
  • civilisation predates 4,000 BC
  • the old earth creation model (of a new creation at 4,000BC) doesn’t work

The evidence is standing tall and plain as it has for millenia in a field in Salisbury.  If our understanding of Genesis 1-3 and other sundry passages can’t accommodate these facts then some humility and rethinking is required.  What meaneth these stones?

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