Flood geologists struggle with geology

Flood geology is the endeavour by Christians to try and explain geology through the prism of Noah’s global flood.  Unfortunately over the last 50 years of this pursuit, these geologists (of sorts) have continually disproven the global flood they seek to establish.  Most damning of all is what should be the copious evidence for the greatest disaster and death event ever.  Leaving that aside, these motivated flood geologists have continually disagreed with each other and demonstrated the impossibility of reconciling a worldwide inundation with the geological record.The figure below is taken from an article called The Defeat of Flood Geology
by Flood Geology.  It demonstrates the various phenomena flood geologists accept cannot be reconciled to a flood.  Things like dinosaur nests in the middle of what is meant to be a flood layer.  Or raindrops in the middle of flood deposits.  Lake deposits right when the world was meant to be underwater.  What the table shows is the flood geologists unable to find a flood layer, or a pre and post flood layer either.

flood geology

The article goes into detail demonstrating how different flood geologists demolish the favoured claims of each other on the basis of the evidence.  The features noted above make their respective claims impossible to sustain.  None of the layers were dropped in a single event (a fact they make cogently about the hypotheses of their colleagues but not of themselves).  As the article says

The majority of Flood geologists continue to maintain that a large portion of the Phanerozoic column represents the Flood year, although they have falsified that position themselves. As shown in Figure 1, this is an untenable position even within the paradigm of Flood Geology, because the collected evidence from five decades of research in Flood Geology demonstrates that a PWS cannot have spanned any Phanerozoic period. Even if the Mesozoic and Cenozoic Eras were simultaneous (for example, Oard 2001; Reed and others 2006; Matthews 2009), Flood geologists have rendered untenable the hypothesis that the Flood year spanned much of the relevant slice of time, by demonstrating that too much Mesozoic and Cenozoic sediment deposition was subaerial or was prolonged for years. The continued denial of the implications of their own findings is an example of what I call the gorilla mindset: the attitude that if something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, but religious dogma says it is a gorilla, then it is a gorilla.

The full article is well worth reading to gain a clearer understanding of how even motivated geologists have eventually failed to find any feasible flood explanation that matches their passionately held beliefs.

All of this flood geology is inconsistent with the readily available evidence elsewhere which makes the young earth view or the old earth creation view clearly impossible.  Life has continued uninterrupted for far longer than 6,000 years.  As a very simple example, the annual pattern of spring blossom is recorded and measurable by visual banding layers in the bottom of Lake Suigetsu for 45,000 uninterrupted years.  This counting is CONFIRMED by C14 dating AND  known historical volcanic ash layers.

The facts of God’s creation cannot be washed away by fellowship actions, affirmations of what we wish to be true or excluding those who are prepared to tell it like it is.  Rather than denigrate those who are trying to reconcile God’s word and works, our community needs the courage and grace to listen and face these fears.


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