Genesis 1-4

Following is a handy index to posts working through Genesis 1-4

  1. Background
  2. An appeal for tolerance of conscience
  3. Scripture and Science – must they agree?
  4. A dangerous inconsistency and false charge
  5. How would EC fit in Scripture?
  6. The Theological implications of Evolutionary Creation
  7. Is Genesis 1 poetic?
  8. We haven’t always insisted that Gen 1 is literal 6*24 hours
  9. OEC and a brief history of the Gap explanation of Gen 1:1-2
  10. How did the original readers understand Gen 1:1?
  11. Did the earth “become” without form and void? Gen 1v2
  12. Do the Hebrew words for create (Bara, Asah) support a gap?
  13. Passages raised to support OEC don’t work
  14. Conclusion on the gap theory (OEC)
  15. Gen 1:2 – Darkness was upon the face of the deep
  16. Gen 1:4 – Dividing light and darkness
  17. Genesis 1:6 and the Firmament
  18. Seeley’s paper on the Firmament
  19. The Firmament and the Anchor Yale Dictionary
  20. Genesis 1 and the sun/moon as dividing seasons
  21. Genesis 1 and the creation of the great lights
  22. Gen 1 and producing after its kind
  23. In the image and likeness of God Gen 1:26-27
  24. The image and likeness of God in the New Testament
  25. “Very Good” – what does phrase this mean?
  26. Why Genesis 1 is not the same as Genesis 2
  27. Textual evidence distinguishing Genesis 1 & 2
  28. Could Gen 2-3 be referring to only a small area?
  29. Man was made from the dust a living soul, ie mortal
  30. Adam being made mortal is not new in our community
  31. “Dying Thou Shalt Die” Gen 2:17
  32. The institution of marriage
  33. The Serpent in Genesis 3
  34. Nakedness means guilt before God
  35. Acquiring a knowledge of good and evil is a normal process
  36. God – not Adam – put the enmity in place Gen 3:15
  37. The consequences of sin for Adam detailed and limited
  38. The consequences of sin for Eve
  39. The mother of all living
  40. Eve’s failure is used as a principle for all women
  41. Cain’s Fear of people and his wife
  42. Would God use incest to populate the world?
  43. Conclusion from Genesis