A 7,000 year old well

dji_0622_studna_1600_125475_126005Archaeologists in the Czech republic have uncovered the oldest wooden structure ever found – an old wooden well.  Built in the Neolithic period the age of the artefact was confirmed generally by the pottery styles and specifically by dendrochronology (tree rings) and carbon dating.  The tree ring record enabled the scientists to estimate the season in which the wood was cut.

The researchers are quoted saying In case of the well found in Chrudim, we discussed the annual rings with our colleagues in Germany. The results show that the trees used to build the well were cut down between 5256–5255 BC. It is interesting that the corner posts were made of previously felled trunks, namely from the trunk which had been cut in the autumn or winter 5259 BC or the winter of early 5258 BC

This demonstrates the confidence scientists have in the measurements – particularly in the case of relative young material like this.  No its not some global conspiracy by archaeologists.  It’s just multiple lines of evidence pointing to the same timeframes and facts – which inconveniently don’t align to those imagined by most Genesis literalists.




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