A pattern of suppression

Also since the publication of the First Edition, a tendency, already evident, to create confusion and division within the community by censure, boycott, and other forms of hostile activity, has grown even more marked. This could not be ignored. Any who favour such suppressive activity could well be reminded of the sentiments expressed by the brother whose views they profess to follow. When he had to endure a campaign of denigration he wrote in “EUREKA: An Exposition of the Apocalypse” the following timely words:
“Great efforts were made to suppress both the author and his writings, till at length they so far succeeded as to prevent their flocks from reading them and listening to his discourse. Alas, for any people reduced by crafty and designing men to such a case! How can the truth enter those whose eyes and ears are closed?” (John Thomas, Eureka II, page 668)
So wrote Alfred Norris in the introduction to his 1983 book “Apocalypse for Everyman: Answers to critics”.  Bro Alfred espoused an alternative interpretation of Revelation.  His comments on the reaction and behaviour of the “defenders of the faith” sounds familiar.  True faith shouldn’t be threatened by discussing hard questions, nor should its adherents need to supress exploration and debate.

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