Compliments amid the condemnation

“they are very good Bible students as well, and they have debated every issue you like under the sun, and they are very clever Bible students… you’re dealing with very very clever people, and don’t ever under-rate them, because they’re no fools” Ron Cowie 2015 – Study 11 [49:40]

The discussion on creation often gets heated. Allegedly this occurs on both sides (though only one side calls the other heretics and pushes disfellowship). So we thought it would be nice to acknowledge the compliments offered to many of those associated with this page by Bro Ron Cowie in his 2015 North American talks about creation:

“it’s a very difficult doctrine to combat you are dealing with very intelligent people and a lot of these people are quite smart people they’ve learned a lot of debating tactics and they are very convincing” Study 3 [20:51]

“so he’s another cluey individual who’s gone down this path” Study 3 [29:25]

“he’s done a lot of good stuff and that’s the tragedy of this he’s been extremely involved…some of the major promoters of TE have done excellent work in fighting some of the issues we’ve had…they did great work in disproving all that, they debated the trinitarians in England and that’s where they learnt their debating skills, how to win an argument and they’ve done a lot of good work” Study 3 [31:20]

“these guys have a lot of done a lot of good work and they have finely tuned skills in research they can find all these documents” Study 3 [33:25]

Sure Ron was scathing, made a lot of false allegations, misunderstood a lot of about science and the EC approach. But let’s smell the roses too hey?  By the way – there is no point in searching for the references, unless you have the original MP3s, the bits above have largely/strangely been redacted from the publicly available videos!


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