Weather records disprove literal creationists

We believe God created.  How is another question.  Contrary to common slurs we don’t believe in science.  Not in the same way.  We accept reality.  Eg climate change.  The evidence is overwhelming and all but the most conflicted or ignorant accept the reality that humans are changing the planet for the worse.  The evidence for this ALSO flatly contradicts a literal reading of Genesis 1.  Below is an extract of temperatures across Greenland over the last 12,000 years.  There is no change around 6,000 years ago.  Things were operating as they do today.

Greenland temperatures 12000 years

[Refer to this article for the source of the graph]

A literalist reading of Genesis 1 cannot accept the data.  Was the earth in darkness, without an atmosphere (as literalists often misunderstand the firmament to mean) dry land etc?  No.  The ice cores – which go back hundreds of thousands of years – comprehensively show this is just an incorrect understanding of what God is communicating in Genesis 1.

Don’t worry about Evolutionary science.  There are tonnes of scientific fields of endeavour that falsify a literalist reading of Genesis 1.  Climate is just one more.  Quite simply literalists have a problem, and their ongoing denial will help them no more than denial helped the fossil fuel lobby.

Pretty much the only viable argument left for literalists is to claim God engaged in retrospectively engineering millions of misleading datapoints.  Hardly consistent with a God’s righteousness, or the fact that He points to the physical world as evidence of His word Rom 1:21 (which doesn’t work if it is a false witness!).   In the absence of a viable argument, a blanket refusal to consider “Science” is the next best approach.  This is precisely how the South Australian pressure group has been driving the “discussion”.

Refusing to allow consideration of reality, maintain a “faithful” ignorance might be a smart move to win a short term argument – especially with tradition and numbers on your side.  King Canute had the humility and wisdom to know he could not hold back reality – the tide – despite his political power.  At what cost will our community learn the same?

1 thought on “Weather records disprove literal creationists

  1. Bruce Philp

    Hey COD – What’s this about “the absence of a viable argument”? What about their literal serpent that the “rationale” of Jesus Christ and his Gospel depends on? Do you mean even it hasn’t got legs?



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