Poor logic and false accusations at bible school

In the previous post we demonstrated the misleading practice of the speaker at a Sept 2018 Rathmines bible school, claiming that an ex-Christadelphian atheist’s words are the current writings of Christadelphians.  But if you find yourself getting angry about such blatant economy with the truth, fasten your seat belt before you consider his outrageous logic.  The logic the speaker goes on to display is breathtakingly poor as the misrepresentations.  It seems as long as he is attacking Evolutionary Creation then there are no rules.
At [12:15] he again quotes from an aggressively atheistic blog run by a long departed former Christadelphian – still claiming that he is quoting Christadelphians:

after inspiring these primitive people to write a huge volume spanning 66 books, this god provided absolutely no information that was not already known to them, and imparted no scientific knowledge whatsoever that could have allowed billions of people thereafter to live healthier, longer lives, including a dramatic reduction in the number of deaths relating to childbirth. No, for that we had to wait almost another couple thousand years, until clever people figured out how to use the scientific method to revolutionise the field of medicine, along with other advances in technology.[1]

This little argument is clever, superficially, and atheists know what they’re doing when they use it against believers. Does the Rathmines teacher know what he’s doing when he falsely puts it in the mouths of Christadelphians?  The bible provides us with the words of life, a solution to the grief of time & chance and the evils of freewill wickedly applied.  Far more than some medical tips!  This is not the speaker’s response.  He is attacking theistic evolution so logic seemingly need not apply.  His response is to point to Jesus doing miracles as being somehow relevant:

[13.00] the Lord would say rise up and walk and the cripple man walked. And they say that we had to wait till our times to revolutionise the field of medicine.  The Lord has to speak a word and people were cured totally holy a word.  And these people in their pride and arrogance are trying to claim that we now have revolutionised the field of medicine

I wonder if anyone laughed at this irrational argument.  What rational person would suggest Jesus and the apostles revolutionised medicine?  What rational person would not acknowledge that science has revolutionised medicine in the last few hundred years?

The apostles taught the gospel – truly revolutionary knowledge!  They exercised God’s amazing power to heal of course.  This demonstrates God’s medical power far exceeds what science has recently uncovered.  But the gospels don’t document germ theory for example, do they?  Miracles were wonderful signs. They demonstrated God’s incomparable knowledge and witnessed to his Son, but then they faded from daily life.  No knowledge, no medical skill, remained from them.  Medicine remained unchanged after the first century.

It is blindingly obvious that science recently has made medicine better and the Bible hasn’t contributed to this.  Accusing any who agree with this simple fact as having “pride and arrogance” is a shameful false accusation.  The speaker in his determination to attack Christadelphians has fallen into the atheist’s rather silly little trap.  Medical science doesn’t compare to God’s knowledge.  The miracles demonstrate this essential point.  However the atheist misses an essential point – and in his hurry to misleadingly judge EC’s the speaker misses it also.  Jesus gave us the revolutionary knowledge of the love of God.


[1] https://www.exchristovoiceofreason.com/2016/01/the-truth-belief-masquerading-as.html?fbclid=IwAR0XohO0D6b5R1SSN6gekfaqhz9ScKwFgue3LSCfphjumbPHZRnXzR_eKIg


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