Noah’s ark makes creationists evolutionists

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Creationists are pretty fixed on some things.  God definitely did not use evolution to create.  There are missing links which disprove evolution.  Noah’s flood was literal and worldwide.  Any science disproving their claims is an atheist conspiracy to undermine Biblical truth.  Then when they start trying to explain the details of how stuff then works the contradictions begin to pile up incredibly fast.  They even become hyper evolutionists.
Noah’s flood provides some remarkable contradictions.  The creationist demands that we accept the flood was worldwide and killed everything not on the ark.  Ok fine, let’s explore this.  Bear in mind creationist sites (which seem remarkably well funded given the conspiracy money supporting science!) have invested heavily in explaining Noah’s flood.  They produce long and profoundly confusing sciency sounding arguments to support the “truth” of their interpretation (neatly substituting their interpretation for God’s truth).

Noah’s ark was too small.  We estimate the number of species today at around 1.7 million ignoring domestic animals and single cell organisms like bacteria (many of which are very important!).  Various estimates exist for the number of species you could fit on the Ark.  Even after ignoring things like the need for essential microclimates, pretending that fresh water fish etc would survive the turbid flood waters, minimising the food and waste storage and claiming eggs boarded the ark rather than animals we still have space limitations.  Answers in Genesis essentially acknowledged this problem and has claimed there might only have been 2,000-3,000 animals on board.   AiG acknowledges this is still a lot for 8 people.  Actually its ridiculous.  The Adelaide zoo has around 2,500 animals and 60 zoo keepers (per their site).

In what can only politely be called ironic, creationists turn to evolution to jump from 2 or 3 thousand animals (so 1.5 to 2 thousand species) to provide the massive variety of species we see today.  Of course they claim this explosion in species only occurs “within kinds” (Of course this is terrible exposition of Gen 1 but anyway).  Remarkably creationists turn to “evolution-lite” to explain away difficulties with Noah’s Ark.

Do we see all the evidence of this post Noah evolution?  Well no.  Not all the fossil record of transition between ‘kinds’ is in place.  There are missing links.  Oh the irony.

How did this massive genetic variation arise from a breeding pair?  Eg they posit 196 bird “kinds” lead to the 10,000 current species today (and the many extinct bird species we find in the ground – even from the last 4,000 years).  This requires a massive level of genetic mutation and extremely rapid speciation.  Hardly consistent with the cries of ‘no beneficial mutations’ (although in fairness only very uninformed creationists try this line anymore) and ‘no new species’.  So as long as you don’t break the totally undefined Hebrew word translated “kinds”, creationists are happy to evolve away – at breakneck pace!

But do we see genetic evidence in every single species of a chronic bottleneck dating back 4-4,500 years?  No.

Do we see evidence of hypersonic mutation rates and evolution leading to 51 new bird species every year on average?  No.

Of course a probable solution for creationists is the usual one.  Claim another 1.7 million miracles – one per species.  Of course the bible doesn’t talk about any of this (a complaint creationists make against theistic evolution – again irony much?).  However creationists are caught in a bind, because the biblical ark is just too small.  Rather than invent solutions which contradict reality (and essentially point out that God’s judgements led to ongoing divine fix ups to get things back to normal) maybe, just maybe creationists are misreading God’s word!

That Noah’s Ark turns creationists into (bad) evolutionists is just too funny.







1 thought on “Noah’s ark makes creationists evolutionists

  1. Bruce Philp

    Thank you, COD – to the point as usual. Creationism continues to evolve, and we are privileged to witness a speciation event as micro‑baraminology emerges.



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