Why mortality? To learn.

While not speaking to creation, this extract from a 1960 article by Jean Galbraith caught our eye so we thought we would share it.  It suggests (with good reason) why Adam & Eve were necessarily subject to temptation.  Her broader subject was converting knowledge into action via the experience of good and evil.“Our whole life, and the reason for it, is nothing but an opportunity for turning these good  things [bible readings, verses, poems, wise sayings] into living experience.

Why did Adam and all his descendants have to work up through the training-ground of mortal life to immortality ? Simply because it was no use merely telling them, as it is no use merely telling us, “In the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die”. We can learn it only by experience—as Eve did.

It is no use merely telling us, “1 will never leave thee nor forsake thee”. We have to learn it by experience—as Joshua did. This is the hardest, as well as the most important thing we have to learn—to translate words into reality, to live the things that we say we believe.

We read, ‘ ‘When thou passest through the waters I will be with thee”, and we believe it with our minds, but we never know what it really means until we go through those waters, praying God all the while to be with us, and use the experience we are passing through to make us more able to help others, to teach us through it the lessons He would have us learn.”[1]

A similar article which dealt specifically with why Adam failed is posted here.


[1] Galbraith, Jean (1960) Shield Magazine (Vol 63, page 7)

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