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Every so often people (including Christadelphians despite our old earth creation heritage) claim dinosaurs and humans co-existed.  The source material for their argument usually comes uncritically from American evangelicals.  One of the claimed pieces of evidence is a carving in a Cambodian temple.  Why carve things which didn’t exist goes the argument? 

Of course the claimants ignore the missing tail spikes, the large head and ears/horns in the carving which don’t suit their identification.  They ignore the presence of leaves carved in other panels which look like the claimed “dinosaur back plates”.  They also ignore obviously mythical carvings in the same context.  Other local creatures which better match the shape (apart from what are probably leaves), are ignored.

For a detailed rebuttal see here.   The lack of critical analysis, or consideration of alternative explanations before boldly pointing to the carving as evidence is the most concerning aspect.  Such arguments are being made to young people, who nowadays are taught about proper research and critical thinking.  Promulgating such arguments is hardly going to assist their faith.

It should be noted that even hard core literal creationist sites like Answers in Genesis – the logic of which we rarely have much time for – have this to say on the carving

It is the author’s intention that by raising these issues here, biblical creationist authors, speakers, and researchers would be made aware of the significant problems with interpreting the Cambodian carving as a stegosaur and would likewise regard this evidence as another “argument creationists shouldn’t use.”

For detail on their assessment on why creationists should not use the argument see here.  It is sad to see arguments even the AiG say are dubious being promoted through our community.

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