Happy (?) birthday – and a question

13 June 2018 marks a year from the recommencement our blog and FB page.  The site closed in Feb 2016 but re-opened in response to misleading articles in The Lampstand Magazine. We thought we might get about 2,000 views in a year, but such is the concern for what is occurring that we passed that milestone in our first full month and as our birthday approaches we are nearing 25,000 views.

We know some are not fans this page (or us).  Ok.  In a discussion which is so often heated (or threatening), we wanted to model another approach.  At times we have been perhaps too robust.  We aren’t perfect.  And yes we have tired of the trolling/baiting approach of some.  But we want to present how we can read scripture, plus highlight some of the historical variety in our community – much of which is unknown &/or ignored today.

So now a question.  What would you like to see in some upcoming posts?  Don’t feel the need to paste walls of text, just enough to get us started – we can always ask for more detail if your point is unclear.

Superstitions – which we don’t buy into – suggest a wish on your birthday is a thing.  Well if such vapours meant anything we would wish for peace on the subject of Gen 1-5 so we can all move on to live in Christ rather than wrangling about Adam.


1 thought on “Happy (?) birthday – and a question

  1. Bruce Philp

    Happy birthday COD, not sure about “happy returns” though – let’s hope we’re not in this muddle for long.

    Thanks for the invitation to suggest a topic. I’d love you to look into my latest interest, which is the parallel between evolution among Christadelphians in our own times and heliocentrism in Christian Europe in the time of Giordano Bruno and Galileo. Even the same words are used sometimes. What interests me most is that the Bible case against heliocentrism is so much stronger than the Bible case against evolution, as it seems to me at least. I think a comparison might be helpful.

    If I may add a request of my own… I’ve been involved recently in yet another attempt to take up the challenge from 1964 to “give attention to solving these difficulties” in the right atmosphere. We’ve tried hard to set up infrastructure for genuine discussion on a level playing field in cyberspace, fairly representing EC, OEC, YEC, FG etc, and I’ve been disappointed that the few people I’ve invited to represent the various non-evolutionary positions haven’t been willing to participate, and without participation from all points of view it’s monologue, not discourse. It’s understandable that the loudest voices are used to shouting down from on high, but the ones I’ve invited are not like that, and I was surprised. I’m looking for anyone who’s interested in collaborating to build a Bible-centred platform for fair and reasoned discourse around the Origins questions, and I think we’d be willing to redesign drastically whenever necessary to maintain fairness to all sides. It’s based on mediawiki with extensions so tech-savvy would be good, but more desirable are logic-savvy and Bible-humble.



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