We don’t want you to accept Evolutionary Creation

Conservative leaders in our community are attempting to add to the basis of fellowship between Christadelphian congregations in Australia by adding further definitions/understandings.  In attempting to define how God created, they are adding to our creeds and to scripture.  Of course they frame their actions as preserving our traditional understanding.  Sadly a tradition of division is also possibly going to get strengthened.  They complain of Evolutionary Creation being promoted on the internet as if we want to convert you.  This is fundamentally untrue.  Evolutionary Creationists have no problem with traditional views on creation.

Yes Evolutionary Creationists are aware of the superabundant evidence of human life having existed for far beyond the biblical timeline.  However – in contrast to the conservatives – we are not concerned by your personal beliefs about God’s creation.  Young earth?  Fine.  Old earth 6,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago?  Ok.  How God created is not as important as why.  What Adam was is secondary to the saving work of God’s son who bore our nature with all its deficiencies and yet (alone) was sinless.

But doesn’t this page and others stridently advocate for Evolutionary Creation!?!

No.  We contend that it should not be a fellowship issue.  We contend the scripture is not so black and white as claimed by some narrow readers.  Furthermore, the facts of God’s handiwork point in one direction – but whatever.  You can continue to believe whatever version of God’s amazing work you chose.  If and when people make it a fellowship issue – as The Lampstand Magazine and others contend – then yes, expect resistance and argument.

Peace and allowance of difference has been and continues to be the position of those behind this page.  A few years ago over 140 brethren and sisters from around the world signed a letter to the Magazines suggesting a cessation of the debate, offering constructive engagement instead.  The letter was roundly rejected.  Disfellowships and the disruption of ecclesias followed and continues.  Conservative ecclesias now pressure others to ban individuals from combined events, regardless of the basis of fellowship.

Paul in Romans 14 describes the right model for managing passionate, fundamental differences.  We are required to accept in good conscience what seem to us to be the ridiculous and intolerable positions of our siblings in Christ.  Such advice is quickly discounted by conservatives as irrelevant because ‘I’m am right and this is fundamental’.  Idolatry was fundamental, the Old Testament support for the Jewish position was tremendously consistent in condemning idols and any association with them.  Yet this was incorrect.  So now the straight forward instruction of God is set aside in preference for imposing uncertain details on others in defiance of the evidence of God’s works.

So you see, we don’t want you to embrace Evolutionary Creation as your own personal understanding of Genesis 1-3.  Unless of course you are struggling to reconcile your knowledge of the physical evidence and with a simple literal understanding of creation.  In that case perhaps we need to talk.   But if there is no threat to your faith, then it is no more essential than geography.


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