Wilfred Lambert on Genesis 1-3


Bro Wilfred Lambert was an outstanding Assyriologist with a gift for ancient languages.  He translated and published books and papers on various cuneiform tablets and seals.[1]  Bro Lambert also published articles on his understanding of Genesis 1-3.  You can see a number of these articles today at this Endeavour Magazine site.  His work demonstrates that a wider variety of opinions have (and continue) to exist in our community) despite the narrow demands of some.

Some of the comments made by Bro Lambert include:

  • That there are two accounts of creation in Genesis is clear to any open-minded reader…The most natural explanation of these facts is that the two accounts were composed by different authors, and have been combined by the inspired author of Genesis.
  • Study of geology over some centuries now has shown evidence of a succession of different eras represented by layers of rock giving evidence of the development of the earth over millions of years.  While man in this sequence is a relatively recent arrival, the new dating techniques of the current century – radiocarbon, thermoluminescence, and dendrochronology – certainly make a date of even 5000 BC much too late for the origin of man.
  • Two preliminary points can be made before getting to grips with the real problems.  The first is that we absolutely reject the idea put out by some that God deliberately put the fossils in the rocks in 4004 BC to deceive the (recent, western) scientists.  This assigns a totally excessive importance to these people, and denigrates God by making him into a petty trickster.  The second is that while all the failings of modern scientists can and should be taken into account – including rare cases of deliberate fraud – the general result that the human race is more than 7000 years old, and that the universe is very much older, can no longer be considered insecure. 
  • “Adam” was the first man, but Christ was neither (literally) second nor last.  Nor did he literally come from heaven.  Paul here sees “Adam” and Christ as two paradigms: the first of the natural way of life for our race, the second of the new way of life

The whole article is worth reading.  While his position varies from this page, it does demonstrate a broader range of possibilities than being loudly demanded in some quarters today.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilfred_G._Lambert


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