“You evolutionists all believe different things”

This refrain has been heard a few times, usually as a dismissal by someone who holds a more mainstream view.  Is it a fair observation?  No because I don’t believe in evolution but putting that aside there are other issues of consistency here.

 First let’s consider where the comment is coming from. Our community holds many diverse views on the understanding of Genesis 1.  Most Christadelphians are old earth creationists.  However there are some who are young earth.  This is a significant difference based on the interpretation of Gen1:1-2.  However even within old earth creation, there are still many many views.  For instance some believe that per our current creation there was life which was evolving but was destroyed prior to our epoch.  Others hold the angels created multiple forms of life over time and presided over mass extinctions and developments.  As demonstrated there is divergent views about how the 6 days should be understood.  Many, following the line of Bro Thomas, believe the angels came from previous creations.  However another group believe angels didn’t come from our planet.  

 On Genesis 2-3 again there are very diverse views, particularly over time.  Adam is understood as being neither mortal nor immortal.  Others believe he was mortal but his fate was subject to obedience.  The majority, but not exclusive, view is that Adam didn’t have the carnal mind as we do and needed external prompting to awaken temptation.  

 On Gen 4 the majority view is that Cain married his sister and the order of the text should be altered to accommodate this.  However others believe that after the Fall God created more humans (I was very surprised to hear this explanation!).

Is there one united view within the brotherhood on Gen1-3?  No.  There are radically different views accommodated.  Is it therefore a fair question/accusation/comment to note there may be different views among brethren and sisters who accept God created via a variety of methods?  No.  So is there a variety of views among ECs?  I’m sure there is, although the few I communicate with behind closed doors seem to think as I do.  It would be nice to be able to discuss such things openly together in a spirit of love.

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